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    alright well for security reasons that i want get into right now^^^^^^.. i have to move my plants from my balcony where they recieive awseome sun... the spot im moving them to is in a forest like area but im not sure how much sun it gets maybe 5 hours maybe 2 maybe 7 idk... but my main question is is it that big of a deal how much direct light they get? this area is still verrrry bright even without direct sunlight... ill check it out later today to see how long it gets sun for its facing north thats the thing well where the trees arent mostly north and a tiny bit both ways.. i saw a guy on here who had his plants grow quite nicley in veg with no light cuz of clouds.. please let me know if i need to find a better spot in this area .. its going to be hard but i might be able to

    my plants are about 5 feet by 4 feet wide if that matters

    i just checked this spot out thismorning at like 8 so ill go back later on and see if its getting son PLEASE PRAY IT DOES lol cerial though

    ok well its about 930 now and i checked again and it was getting some sun it was direct there was some stuff blocking patches but it was there for a solid hour .. so we still have the rest of the day to see how she goes
  2. You need minimum of five hours of DIRECT sunlight to get a medical grade bud off of a plant... In my opinion anyways... anything less will cause too much stretching and loose, airy buds.

    You obviously know very little about the sun's light and how it works with bouncing off of things and clouds. Don't think because it was cloudy in BC for a while that you can put your plants in the shade. Some clouds actually magnify the spectrums of light plants need to grow, and if not magnify, a lot of times clouds do not stop the sun from getting to plants as much as people think.

    If you have some healthy plants don't ruin them by putting them in a bad spot. Don't forget you can trim away branches above and around your plant for more exposure.

    Good luck.
  3. add a few silk floweres on them and leave thim on the balcony if you live around folks they will get found the kids in the hood that run around playing in the woods will find them . good luck .
  4. well this area know one ever goes into it... its very very hard to acess .. meaning theres a creek with rocks all over bushes,thorns, trees, its literally a journey to get there trust me know one ever goes there ... there was no disturbance of any veggetation ...

    and its not that shady there is a huuuuge opening with the trees so it is acaully letttin alot of light in... and it does get some direct light so far ive found it gets about an hour and a half from 8 to 930 but i left the place and didnt go back the rest of the day.. i think it gets around 5 hours of direct light or so... the area is still very light its not dense dense cover
  5. alright well i moved my plant to its new home... i brought a back pack filled with 4 2litre bottles another 2.5 gallon container all filled with nutes water... than 4 bags of organic potting soil and a shovel.. tomrow night ill go back dig a huge as hole plant in the ground and use the water... 2 days after that i leave for vacation so the day after tommrow night ill go and give it a shit ton of water almost overwatering it using about 7 -10 gallons....

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