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Holy Brownies Batman!!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by marcus00, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Okay, in case you haven't guessed, this thread is purely about Batman.
    Just kidding. So brownies are the topic at hand. I would like to know as much as possible about special brownies.
    Questions I'm really aiming for answers for are as follows:
    - What's a good recipe?
    - Would they go bad / stale by the upcoming weekend if I were to make them tomorrow or Tuesday?
    - Does the THC in them get weaker as time goes on?
    - If I use an 8th of mids, how many should I have to eat in order to get high? (keep in mind I have a low tolerance. I smoked for about a week straight after school and at night until Thursday.)
    - Is the high different then if you were to smoke the weed?
    - I heard the high lasts longer. How much longer can I expect it to last?
    - Anything else would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Use the brownie mixes you can get at the supermarket that come in boxes. You will also need eggs and possibly other ingredients. Cook the bud in the vege oil in a pan on low heat for 20-25 mins (until liquid is amber and bud is brown/black) before straining out the now worthless bud and adding the oil the rest of the mix. Be aware, this process (cooking bud in vege oil) SMELLS VERY VERY VERY BADLY. You will need plenty of time and incense / spray and open windows / fans to get the smell out. Not possible to do in a non-420-friendly house unless you have a couple days to get rid of the smell. That beings said, the brownies cooking or brownies themselves will not taste like weed very much at all.

    They would not go bad. Keep them wrapped in syran wrap / in a plastic bag, preferrably in a fridge. If not, try a cool, dry, dark place.

    I imagine they don't get stronger as time goes on. :) They will last a while though (weeks) if stored properly. Months in the freezer.

    8th of mids = 3.5g. A very effective dosage would be .5g - .75g (a little more intense). I'd say 8 brownies would be made, one for each "high."

    The high is different. It takes a while to come on -- 30 mins to 2 hours. Try to eat them with little food in your stomach, then eat a meal maybe 30 mins / hour later. The less food in your stomach, the sooner the high will come on. Don't think it's ineffective and eat more, unless it's been 2+ hours and you're feeling NOTHING. It will also last longer. 4-8 hours, varying in intensity, of course. You will probably be tired, hungry and incapable of being terribly functional. I don't know if you can act sober as easily on edibles, if the need existed (school, parents, etc).

    Hope that helps. PM/Wall post if you have any questions.
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    -there isnt really alot of "recipies" to make brownies, there are however, different ways to extract the THC. some people use alcohol, some use oils or butter, some people find it easier to use other things. You can find directions on every method with a simple google search. Personally, ive only used oil/butter before and it works fine and is fast.

    -Like with any food, if you refrigerate them after making them they should last a decent time.

    -Ive never heard anything like that before and I dont see why it would so im gonna say no the THC doesnt dissapear.

    -Depends on how many brownies you are thinking about making. If you use like an 8th and make like 2 brownies each brownie will have ~1.5 grams in them which will get you prettty high.

    -I've heard different highs for different people, for me, yes, it was a more intense, body high.

    -It varies from people to people, im about 5.7 and weigh around 160 pounds, last time i ate ~ 2 gram brownies and I was fucking HIGH. it creeps on you too. Id say i was high for a good 4-6 hours

    Brownies are pretty fun, The last time I made brownies with a friend, my friend made weed icing as well. They were delicious. We smoked while they were making and then ate them. by the time we came down the brownies were begginning to hit us. itw as a good nite
  4. First few times I made brownies, we grinded everything and mixed it with the brownie mix. Now I would use cannabis butter instead. To me, the high isn't as intense, but lasts much longer, about 4-6 hours for me.
  5. About the smell; How effective is febreeze that kills the odors in the air? I have about 4 and a half to 5 hours before my folks come home after I plan on doing this, you think it would kill the odor?

    Also, I'm not about to leave brownies in the fridge with two little brothers and two parents in the house. They would be gone and everyone in my house would be high except me ): aha. Do you think tightly wraping them up in syran wrap would be a good way to keep them from getting stale fast?

    so.. 8th is good?

    Thanks for the info, +rep.

    Also, is there a comedown when consuming thc like when you smoke?

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