Holy *bleep* im germinating 200 seeds! (omg help me)

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    EDIT: i started a grow journal on this venture...see it here : http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-g...over-200-seeds-grow-journal.html#post10559933

    Im sure you're thinking, "aww thats awesome, are you some kind of supplier?"

    nope. just a personal/medical grower who unintentionally made a huge mistake.

    I collected about 200 seeds of an unknown bag seed i knocked up and collected seeds from. It became my "breeding" project (if you wanna call it that).

    it all started with 4 beans i saved out of a nice sativa/sativa dom strain years ago that i bought off a friend. he didnt know what it was since he picked it up off a street dealer. it was above average though. well i planted them but only one would germ...so i grew it out and during flower apparently a nearby male had got it preggo. the result: 200 beans.

    so today i was planting 4 of those beans to work on as a side project.

    well guess what ignorant mistake i made? i managed to get all the beans wet unintentionally. i was watering my beans while holding the seeds and i noticed some water dripped from the water bottle straight onto the beans.

    so i knew i had to do something so i put them on a plate with the paper towels (at that point it was either germ em of scrap em).

    now im keeping them damp/wet (not soaked)

    heres my problem:

    WTF am i going to do with 200 seedlings (assuming they all pop)???

    i really dont wanna scrap these things because i wanted to breed for my personal smoke. i do have an HID light but certainly not enough to do 200 seedlings.

    i only have 1 600w that currently has about 13-14 (i forget to be honest) small babies in 1 gal pots under it. the seedlings are only on their second set of leaves (only a week or two into veg). i was going to transplant them to 2-3 gal pots a week or so before sending them to flower.

    good news is my friend agreed to loan me his 600w light as he cant grow at this time. even with another 600w i have no idea wtf im gonna do.

    i dont even know if my beans are regs or fems to be honest so i might have to 100 plants (roughly) or i might end up 200 fems...so eliminating half my stock due to males isnt something i want to count on (and be wrong)

    what would you do if you have 200 plants but only 1 600w light?

    hell i only have 50 1 gal pots saved up...

    also im probably not gonna break the bank on these in terms of supplies (since i already have my regular grow to finance) so im thinking of just getting a plain jane potting soil and going to work. i plan on feeding the nutes i always use though.

    i have the property (good size) outside that could house 200 plants but i cant as i have family staying with me for a month or two. so looks like im stuck using the 1 600w or possibly putting them in a shed outside and removing the roof but idk how possible that will be (just an idea im playing with).

    so idk. help plz!
  2. Summer time is coming, take advantage of the abundant sun!!! I guarantee you will find the coverage you are looking for!
  3. um but i cant grow outside...well maybe i could...but i need an idea of a material (that can be hung up like curtain or nailed up like you're boarding a window that will allow LIGHT to come in but not all people to SEE in.

    if that makes sense...any ideas?

    i have a small greenhouse like structure outside but its easy to see into it from the outside (so i wanted to put something over the windows to make it hard to see in but not block the light in anyway.
  4. Do an ocean of green? You could put all the plants in 3-6 oz containers and start them out at 12/12

  5. so basically use water bottles and shove all 200 under the hps im gonna borrow from my friend?

    this was kind of my backup plan if i couldnt figure anything else out.

    now since i dont have room for clones of all these bitches (or i hope they are mostly bitches) whats a good way to determine which phenos are the winners without actually being able to sample the females? (i usually like to smoke the females to get an idea of wat im looking for and see which are good yielders etc)

    think i should use 16 or 20 oz bottles if i go that route?
  6. The water bottles sound like a good idea because there tall and straight, if you look at the 3oz competition some people can grow sick ass plants with a 3oz container. I don't know anything about clones, but doing a bunch of plants in small containers will be your best bet. If you have 100 females and you get even 10 grams off each... Well that's a lot of mary jane
  7. Man that sucks and sounds like fun. I agree with everyone else put them in small containers and only veg for a couple weeks then flower them babies.
  8. ok thanks for the advice guys.

    now i wanna get an opinion if possible: solo party cups? or water/gatorade bottles?

    id imagine i wanna go 12/12 from seed considering the small space?

    and if i do go 12/12 from the start wen should 1 feed veg nutes?
  9. just be careful under federal law 100 plants or more is a mandatory 5 yr sentence! be smart, if you gonna keep so many go 99 or less!!!!
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    I'd use party cups. The gatorade/water bottles are see through and would promote algae growth. They'd veg for about 3 weeks even if you had them on 12/12 so I'd give them veg nutes week 3, then bloom nutes after that.

    edit: I'd run them 20/4 for the first 2 weeks then switch to 12/12

  11. This ^^
  12. Dude just sprout em all put them in red solo party cups veg for two weeks or so depe ding on where ur at the outdoor growing season is here and guerilla grow them. Make 5 or 6 plots no bullshit you are gonna have alot of work thos summer but itll pay off.
  13. If u do the party cups or similar indoor deal make a journal please... I'd love to see how this works out
  14. Since you don't know the sex/strain of the seed..id say...PRESENTS for friends and people here and there.....or depending on were you live...just toss them in some random forest of sorts.....the stong ones will find way into ground....
  15. Keep some for yourself and go Guerilla.

    Come back 4 years later in your forest.

  16. Mini forest sea of green!!!!
  17. I honestly cannot wait to see this massive infant ocean of green.
  18. johnny apple seed them "beans"

  19. good point. last thing i want is to get pinched and go to jail over some BS. I just cant believe i had to germ them all since they got wet. if i go the party cup route then id feel somewhat better about growing 100 or more since id probably be yielding roughly 7-12g a cup on avg. (Sure beats having an outdoor forest of 10ft tall mj plants haha)

    good point on the algae. i didnt think about that one at the time. im thinking ill go with giant party cups (30oz ones as things may be cramped in a 16oz cup)

    for you i will attempt a journal. No promises on seeing it through to the end though as idk if i have the dedication to constantly update it but i promise to at least try! especially cuz this is possibly the most epic grow ive ever done. lol
  20. Silence.......then clapping begins!!.....lol...

    Its a fun hobby ur getting urself into!.....

    Ed rosenthal said...."although marijuana is not addictive.....GROWING IT IS!!!....

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