Hollywood Smokin in South Jersey

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  1. Hey guys!
    So this new glass shop opened up near where I live called Hollywood Smokin.
    It. Is. AWESOME.
    The nicest people work there, they have a MASSIVE selection, and its an all around chill place to be. They have all types of great glass for a decent price.:smoke: and as anyone who lives around the EHT area of South Jersey probably knows, Acrat and The Shop are expensive, and kind of rude. So, I encourage you guy to check it out if you're ever around Egg Harbor Township, NJ.
    Later Errybody,
    Forman :bongin:
  2. it's been a while Forman, good to have ya back
  3. @forman dont you work there? i have gone into hollywood and was treated so rudely it was unbelievable screw them .. i hope the shut down soon
  4. no response i hate when headshops have there employees put up reviews of the places they work.. makes you wonder what they are hiding...
  5. Was thinkin of checkin this place out today, worth it?
  6. Definitely not ... go to the shop much better and friendlier and knowledgeable staff
  7. where'd Forman go?

    anyway, I PM'd you, 420ranger
  8. In the past week I've checked out all 3 shops, Acrat, Hollywood Smokin, and The Shop. My quest was to buy an Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer, and some metal screens. I went to Acrat about 5 nights ago, and it sucked. It was dark, seemed dirty, and they didn't even have all the parts to their vaporizers! The guy behind the counter was young, didn't seem to know anything, and I left without even buying screens.

    I then bought the Arizer online, and it's awesome btw. But I still needed screens and my girlfriends slide for her mini-bong broke. So we set out again.

    Yesterday I went with my girlfriend and her friend to The Shop and Hollywood Smokin. We went to Hollywood Smokin first. It was a nice store, big, lots of glass, a decent vaporizer selection, but the prices man. So expensive here. Screens alone were 4 bucks for a pack of 5! And the people didn't give off such a good feel. We left.

    I was feeling pretty discouraged at this point, but we still needed that slide and those goddamn screens! So we went over to The Shop. When we first walked in all we saw were the papers and stuff, and my girl is a sucker for a tasty joint. She picked up a pack of Cotton Candy and Bubblegum Juicy papers right off, for 3 bucks a piece. Not too bad, but not great. I asked the guy about some stainless steel screens (all I like to use) and they were .50 for a pack of 5, pretty good. So I bought 5 and the guy threw in the 5th one for free. First discount, I'm feeling pretty happy. The store is quiet, but the guy is nice, and he mentions the back area (which we somehow missed).

    We walked back to see all their vapes and glass. They had some really nice stuff, a decent diverse selection of types of glass. And the prices weren't bad. ~$35 for a 4-5 inch Spoon. My girl picked out a slide for her mini-bong (weird 9mm size) but it didnt have an o-ring. The guy then spent a couple of minutes searching for an o-ring that would fit. Quoted a $13 price, but as my girl was searchin for her money he dropped it down to $10 even, and we didn't have to pay in line.

    End result, The Shop is awesome. I like it here, and will be coming back again, (even though it's a 40 minute drive).

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