Hollywood pushes for more accurate depiction of "stoners"

Discussion in 'General' started by wizzak, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I am sure most of us have noticed the influx of weed into the film and TV shows that we watch. The last five years seem to be he golden age for weed in film. Reading an article today made me realize that the depiction of Mj users has evolved from the clown/bum/stereotype. To what is at least a more accurate depiction of the average user as an everyday person. Maybe these informed film makers will help demystify weed for most of America. If we cant get people to read literature on Norml, maybe we can get them to watch a Seth Rogen film.

  2. I've noticed that too. A ton of stoner movies coming out and more mentions of weed in TV shows.
  3. It's less in convincing the public but more on convincing the politicians, it is easier to sway the minds of a 100 or so people vs millions.

  4. Hopefully we can influence the way the public votes!
  5. I think Weeds potrays stoners fairly accurately, although TV is TV.

    I saw the preview for pineapple express, I must be the only one who thought 'whatever' of the movie.
  6. I saw a commercial for Pineapple Express and at the end I think they showed the two dudes smokin' a J sittin' in a tree or somethin'. Surprised me that they would show that on network TV.
  7. speaking of intoxicans being mentioned more on TV:

    i was watching Daily Show and Colbert Report 2-3 weeks ago and i swear between the two shows they mentioned coke in some way 3 times, and many times before and after. same with weed.
  8. Any one watch COPs..........Just about every time i'v seen then stop someone who they later find to have weed on them, gets away with it, but then they are booked on sum other shit.
  9. yeah.

    like that 70's show.

    sometimes it portrays it right, other times not.
  10. Thats right of course the 70s show. Not only on network TV but potrays generally good kids. Not criminal drugies out to steal our car radios.
  11. For a while I thought the influx of marijuana related material on TV was based on my increasing love for the plant, i was smoking it more and reading about it all the time on GC so i just thought i was noticing it more than I usually would have on TV and the news and shit.

    But i recently realized it's defiitely being pumped into the media at an increasing rate, and I'm all for it!
  12. i always thought cheech and chong where pretty acurate depictions.
  13. Thems fightin words.......
  14. Haha, not fighting words. I love stoner movies, but this one looked lame.

  15. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that movie is.

    Pineapple Express looks like it would be the shit, but I'm noticing people like it for all the wrong reasons. I'm dreading to the day that I go to see the movie baked to see 13-17 yr old teens thinking it might put them higher on the social totem pole that they went and saw a stoner movie. Maybe I'm just thinking too hard.
  16. half baked was fucking classic. and i noticed a few episodes of family guy have weed usage, not to mention a shit load of other shows, even including scrubs. hahaha disneys star shila buff if thats his name, he got caught with some bud.
  17. i hope pineapple express isn't a let down. if its a good movie, you're going to hear alot of stupid dealers saying they've got that strain.
  18. Justin Long's portrayal of a stoner in Strange Wilderness, while amusing, was also pretty disgusting. I've never seen anyone, no matter how much weed they smoke, act like that.
  19. Hollywood is just adding to the fuel of this generations anti-cannabis propaganda: Weed makes you a FAT, JOBLESS LOSER.
  20. Yeah, even the anti-weed commercials are getting better. Years ago the commercials used to talk about how weed will hurt you things. Now all they can come up with is that you will build a cocoon around yourself and burn your belongings...:rolleyes:

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