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Hollywood or Reality?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by czirro, May 15, 2011.

  1. I've started smoking more often, and I've started getting really high now. And I was wondering, do people really get those highs where everything is like cartoon-ish, and colorful? I was wondering that the other day.
  2. its called acid. try might see mickey mouse fucking a lizard on a rainbow tree.
  3. Depends on the person and how much they exagerate about the minimal high that marijuana provides in comparison to other drugs.
  4. In my experience the effects of being high are exaggerated massively everywhere. Don't believe /b/ or Hollywood. They both overhype it.
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    My bud makes everything warm and fuzzy :)
  6. If you're highasssss shits then yes, you will see shit.
  7. Herb is a mild psychedelic, so it's possible to see color enhancement. But I believe it's the open mindedness that lows you to really appreciate the aesthetic that you normally wouldn't while having your sober mind focus on a number of things at once.

    But then again, I've noticed color enhancement while completely sober. So it really comes down to the state of mind and focus that you allow yourself to be in. Herb can definitely be a catalyst for such things.
  8. Short answer, No.

    Long answer, Hollywood uses that as satire and metaphor for how you may feel when you're high. Think of it this way, what you feel when you get high is an emotional response to a chemical that you have introduced into your bloodstream and consequently your brain. Now this may feel different to different people depending on the strain, but one thing that can be agreed upon is that they usually tend to feel euphoric or paranoiac in nature. Pot also tends to trigger a fascination with the world around you, it makes food more interesting, it makes you think metaphysically or philosophically at times, in essence it causes you to enter almost a dream like state and your mind can wander to some weird places while left to its own devices.
    Now the question is, how do you take these emotions, which are felt inside, and define them through film which is seen outside? Boom!------> Robert Downy Jr. gets stoned and Zach Galafianakis turns into a driving bear (Due Date).... or for you OG stoners out there like myself, Dave Chappelle and his friends begin to float above the table and fly out the window to go see their recently jailed Harland Williams (Half Baked).
  9. Hmmmm I've seen stuff whilst high but then I take a double look ya know? Like I'll see stuff in my periphreal (sp.). Let's say I'm walkin down the street

    Me: *something shadows over me and passes by* "was that a f*ckin dragon?! :eek::metal::smoking:

    Me: *double look* "damn pigeon...":mad:

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