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Holler at me Van CITY

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KushFarmer, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hey gents just seeing if many people from the city live in vancouver. I think knowing that there is people on here from around me would be sweet. Vancouver is already a pro pot city . so taht work out. lol
  2. No one?... I dont buy it lol
  3. I was just in Vancouver at the end of August. It's fuckin dope.
  4. Van here, im about 20 mins from the city.
  5. Man, I would live in Vancouver if I could afford it, but the cost of living there is fuckin' stupid. 500,000$ for a two bedroom house that would cost like 190,000$ here. I love that city, though. The whole thing is like one giant piece of art you can live in. If I ever get enough money, I'm moving my ass to Kitsilano and starting a large-scale grow show. It's the only city that ever actually felt like home to me, and that probably has more to do with the kick-ass vibe the place has than the fact I was born there. Every time I go there, it actually fuckin' hurts when the time comes that I have to leave. I used to live on Granville Island, one of the most awesome parts of town in my opinion, but I got a good gig in Chilliwack and have been kickin' it here ever since, but not a day goes by that I regret my decision to leave.
  6. .liveindasky.... thats dope what kinda stuff you do.... just blaze? like what you into, if you dont mind my asking

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