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  1. Anyone living at 48 degrees latitude (US/Canada border) that has grown Hollands Hope? What month did they go outside ? What month was harvest ? Any suggestions on the strain...
  2. I heard they are very disappointing with the quality and yield.
  3. oh and I'm sure everyone starts them right after the last frost, probably around early may. (unless they can start them inside in April.)
  4. Man i was gonna order some of that. Whats the dillio, wanna know before i order lol.
  5. Pulled this up, we will see. Seems to be what I need for the climate I'm in. The strain I'm using is White Label....

    One of the first cannabis varieties designed for tough outdoor conditions. Since the early Eighties Holland's Hope seeds have flourished in the Netherlands, raising the standard for Dutch outdoor weed. This strain was named for her ability to finish flowering and produce excellent results in a wet and changeable summer - thus giving hope to Holland's outdoor growers!
    Holland's Hope is a fungus-resistant pure Indica. She produces solid, heavy buds with a knock-down stone. Plants remain compact by outdoor standards and can produce a remarkable harvest, even in an unremarkable summer.
  6. oh and have you ever seen or heard of anyone smoking/having hollands hope before? I haven't.
  7. Am a bit confused:

    You state
    "I heard they are very disappointing with the quality and yield.

    You state:
    "oh and have you ever seen or heard of anyone smoking/having hollands hope before? I haven't. "

    I have not grown it or smoked it before. Was looking for a strain that could stand up to our climate. Very Mold Resistant was a selling point as was cold resistant. All I know is what I have read. Seems there are different strains of HH, some are mixed (sativa/indica) and this strain happens to be 100% indica which tends to have a tighter bud.
    Thats why I posted, trying to find someone who had "First Hand" knowledge of the plant.....
  8. Opps made a mistake sorry. Yes I have heard/seem some holland's hope but I was trying to make a point in that it isn't a popular strain for being around since the 90's and since I've been smoking I have only seen it 2 times (quality wasn't great) and have only seen one grow and the grower said it was very disapointing in both yeild and quality.

    By all means grow it, it certainly beats a lot of commercial grow weed but if you are going to put your balls on the line mind as well get a more reputable strain.
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    Already have the seeds, will let the forum know how it turns out in the fall. Curious as to your suggestions for the unpredictable climate of the Rocky Mountains. That would be the 48 degree latitude....We can see it all here, rain, hail, long days in the summer, early snow in the fall, mold can be a issue.
  10. use a green house or cold frame of some sort...
  11. Just out of curiosity how's the grow going? I am at 49 degrees myself and growing this strain, so far they look good...
  12. I live in Minnesota and am growing hollands hope feminized outdoor. My buddy bought some seeds last winter and wanted me to grow em for him. They are good big plants but often need watering. I'll check back when theyre done flowering...theyre in the first weeks now...
  13. I will be looking at this info on hollands hope for a grow next year in maine keep it rolling
  14. Here is my hollands hope plant on the left. Not a disappointing yield at all. That guy has no idea what hes talking about.

  15. cannabisblunt, nice plants buddy. Hope all works out....
  16. Yeah, I would have to agree with you there. I have grown Hollands Hope before and it is actually one of your better yielding Indicas. It is also a very strong plant which is great for outdoors.

    As for potency, it is slightly above avg IMHO.

    Nice looking plant.

  17. And it was for those same reasons I bought Hollands Hope (Black Label). In the UK the weather is shit, even by our low standards, so for my first grow I wanted something that would stand up to it a bit. The ladies are doing well - I've got them in grow houses on the patio (see pic) with tomatos. Thank goodness, because all its done is rain for the last 3 weeks. Only three plants, but like I said, I'm new at this and starting of gently!

    Fingers crossed on yield and smoke-ability - I'll report back after harvest and curing.

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  18. i would love to show you guys my hollands hope growing in Minnesota, but unfortunately someone stole all 4 of mine at my former paintball field :rolleyes:... they were just at the flowering stage, however, i got the seeds from my buddy so not a huge cost loss. The sad thing is, i didn't tell anyone so i'm thinkin cops mighta jacked me since they were grown on city land. Fucking theives...

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