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Hollands Hope

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by hazeydays, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. So I live in MA, and I bought the strain hollands hope because it seems to be the right area around here to growi t, and its very mold resistant and flowers and buds fast...

    any idea when I should start the process? I was thinking early June and then harvest if it works in late August (8-10 weeks)?

    any advice or anything, im going to look up how to do the growing specifically but any pointers or anyone grown this strain and have any tips?
  2. If you are planting outdoors, no strain will finish naturally in August. The earliest finishers are end of September. The 8-10 weeks finishing time begins when you see they are female and BUDDING. Yes HH is a good choice for you to finish before frost.
  3. Ah crap, I need to go to college though and I won't be around for any of September : /
  4. I have bought some Hollands Hope seeds online and i know from my research that they grow well in cooler climates. I wouldn't worry about that man. :)
  5. Hey Hazeydays -

    I live and grow outdoors on the coast of Maine every summer...... So here is the deal for New England outdoor grow process! You can start your plants (plant seeds) early May-- Don't wait until June to start your plants! MJ starts to flower (buds start to form) based on light cycles not grow time --- this means that starting your plants earlier will give more veg time (plants get larger) but they still will not start to bud until late Aug. because that is when the daylight hour get short enough to make the plant flower. That means that they will need 8-10 weeks to finish the buds after late Aug not after you plant the seeds. Read around this forum a bit more and it will be more clear!

    Kisses -
  6. grow a super auto from flash its 3 months from seed put it out in may done in july case closed!
  7. Hollands hope its an amazing strain,its one of the most resistant strains i ever growth.even If it is raining a lot of  time and if its wet, hollands hope grows on like the wather was sunny al the time, that strain its really great i reccomend this strainto all people who have the problems weather with mould and pests

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