Holland to outlaw pot???what?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by CheebaLaGanja, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. I've read it too, it's bullshit. Whole of europe is looking at MJ policy in holland, it is an example how regulatian of Pot should be. Coffeeshops will never be closed in Holland, only the thought is ridicilous.

    Relax, come visit Holland and have a smoke.

  2. Well, I trust Super J and if he says it's bullshit then, bullshit it is!

    I think that we should all go there and have a Grasscity Festival. Kind of like a reunion type of thing where we all wear name tags with our City names on them and get high together for at least an entire weekend. Imagine all of us together in one place! It would kick ass!!!
  3. A grasscity festival, would be sooooo cool!

    maybe in the future, where should it be held? Europe, the states, elsewhere????

  4. i'm glad it's bullshit because i was planning on visiting my grandparents in germany and then driving to the netherlands maybe amsterdam do you own a coffeeshop superjoint??? if so where is it i'd go shop there
  5. Well I heard about that too, all the way up here in Denmark. You see, Holland faces the same problem as many other countries these days: New right-wing government. It seems part of the new leadership in Holland were interested in re-criminalising cannabis. I don't hope they will succed with it, but it's definitely scary the way the most rabid, uneducated populists are influencing things these days.

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