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  1. just wondering if anyone else here is using holland secret. I went to a local store and told the guy to just set me up. He gave me the 3 part holland secret nutrients, the prop-o-gator which might i add kicks ass, and vitamin B.

    Let me know what your schedules look like.

  2. Never even heard of it. I only would use Canna, House & Garden or General Hydroponics.
  3. http://extremegrowing.com/web/content/section/6/42/

    the 3 part system, prop-o-gator, and vit. b was like $125 they came in 1L bottles.

    That prop-o-gator stuff was like $50 bucks though, but well worth the money. Roots shoot out like crazy in my rockwool starter cubes.
  4. If you are looking for a root accelerant, try House & Garden Root Accelerator. Proven to be best on the market as far as root growth. Quite expensive though.
  5. no im just trying to find others who use these products. And trials and errors in their experiences.

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