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Holiday Toking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Perpcakes, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. How do you guys feel about holiday toking. Do you think its disrespectful to be blown at thanksgiving with family members or any holiday in genera? I sparked a bowl last thanksgiving but I'm debating about this one.
  2. Ive thought about this before, i think if my family was to find out i was baked theyd be uspet... so in that sense its not the best call

    On the other hand if i dont get baked, chances are people will end up asking why im so quiet/not myself hahaha

    In the end its all judgment call i guess... and it relies heavily on your family.
    In my case though, i personally dont see anything wrong with it, as long as youre not missing family occasions for it.
  3. i feel like as long as you don't get retardedly high then it's all good. If you would feel comfortable talking to a cop then you're fine.:smoke:
  4. This is how I see it, people drink at family gatherings right? Well, in my opinion smoking grass instead might as well be the same thing, in many peoples eyes on top of the good it does for you. Oh and you can eat even more! :bongin:
  5. ^^ thats what I was thinking but I dunno, Kept thinking what my grandparents would say.
  6. I'm smoking all day trying to be high all day on this wonderful American holiday
  7. Nope, dating a real boring girl, so no toking for me this eating season.
  8. My cousins and bros we always go out and toke some bowls before dinner during tha holidays. We onlyy see each other a few times outta the year so no one says shit and couldnt really care less.

    I guess its better now getting blazed and eatin all the pie vs when we were younger goin out and throwing pumpkin pie slices at cars like assholes
  9. I have to work today, so I don't have to be around the family til later. Work does suck, but I got retarded high before I came in so that makes it a little better.
  10. Nope but i am drinking all day so its still all good.
  11. All my family would not be to happy if they found out I was super baked at Thanksgiving dinner. So no blazeing for me today,
  12. I'm going to three Thanksgiving dinners today. So it's pretty much a requirement to be stoned. :D

    Edit: My family doesn't care that I smoke. My girlfriend's family knows I do, but I don't make it a point to let them know that I'm blitzed at family events.
  13. Just smoke up after dinner when you family leaves.
  14. Yeah , ive been debating about this too. I think ima go half the day sober and the other baked.
  15. I don't think tehre will be any weed where im going... so i think i might be dry unless my i get a tincture shot.

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