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Holiday to Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ScottishStoner, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey there long time forum reader here but not much posts, me and a friend are heading to Amsterdam in May this year and I just wanted to see if anyone from grasscity has been before and what they would recomend e.g best coffee shops they went to, where they stayed, how much they took and how long they went for, also if anyone has any suggestions for what to do apart from the coffe shops lol as good as they are I don't think I'll be able to just stay in cafes' the whole time.

    P.S We leave here (scotland) on the 8th of May and stay until the 14th so it's a 6 night trip...maybe even a few of you will be there for a smoke :)
  2. My favorite coffeeshop was the 420 cafe. They had a boooooomb amnesia haze. I've been there 3 times, and only spent 2-3 days there at a time, but make sure to bring plenty of money for bud and food, 'cause they're both really expensive in Amsterdam.

    Of course you should walk along the canals and check out the Red-Light district. Hang out in Dam Square for a while, go to the Anne Frank House, the Van Gough Museum, the I AMsterdam sign, the Sex Museum, Marijuana Museum, Vodka Museum, they have cool bar crawls. Also, get super baked and go to the Amsterdam Zoo. You won't regret it ;) Theres lots of stuff to do in A-dam

    If you want a break from the touristy Amsterdam, you can hop on a train for like 20 minutes and you'll be in Utrecht. Hardly any tourists, so weed and food are not ridiculously expensive

    Make sure you bring an umbrella because the weather is constantly shitty in the Netherlands. But you're from the UK, so i'm sure you know all about shitty weather :p
  3. That's exactly what i'm doing in a few months, spend about 3 nights in amsterdam and be stoned allllllll day. I heard "Barneys" is the best coffee shop in terms of weed quality, but don't quote me.
  4. 420 cafe is good, nice 420 haze and nevilles haze.
    greenhouse effect has some delightful super lemon haze, greenplace has great Tahoe Buddha OG, Basjoe Koffiehuis has FANTASTIC g13

  5. Ah you're right, I think I got the 420 haze at the 420 cafe. The Amnesia Haze definitely came from Barney's Farm

    Another coffeeshop fave of mine is Hunters Coffeeshop/Bar. In the coffeeshop you can pick up some pretty good herb (the Chemdog was meh, though) and then take it right next door and pound a few brewskis in the bar. One of the few bars in Amsterdam that lets you smoke weed (and cigs) inside
  6. I'm also heading to Amsterdam in May. Not sure of the dates yet, probably just be for a few days. Planning on taking the train from London, having a relaxing time. Really looking forward to it.
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    is it easy to buy seeds in Amsterdam and then send them in the mail back to Canada no prob right?
    edit: i am going germany for a couple months gonna be sick.. do they have good weed in the citys in germany?

  8. Shouldn't be a problem unless it gets stopped by customs. But you can take seeds on a plane without any problem. I had a bag of seeds in my carry-on under a bunch of clothes and stuff, no one even noticed cause they're so small
  9. ha thats hilarious bro but i was thinking just send them in an envelope with a post card or something:smoking:

  10. if you go to berlin walk through gorlitzer park and im sure someone will offer you something, not too bad stuff either but of course you have to see it before handing over cash.

    and as for coffeeshops if you are looking for more kind of local shops check out de tweede kramer just near spui and BoereJongens which is further out from the centrum but is well worth the 15min ride there. both have huge menus and really good stuff, only problem with BoereJongens is that you cant sit there and smoke.
  11. Where in Germany you gonna be, Bun Rips?? If you're in Hamburg, go to the street that runs parallel to the Reeperbahn (Hamburg's Red-Light district). I think its called Utrechtstraße. There are a bunch of homeless people on that street, and you will walk 10 feet and be approached by like 5 people trying to sell any herb/unmentionables you could desire. Just make sure to get the herb first before you hand over money to avoid getting ripped.

    If youll be in Lüneburg for any reason (definitely worth at least a day trip, as it is one of the largest cities in Germany that wasn't destroyed during the war, so the architecture is authentic German), go to the bar named "Jekyll & Hyde" at Am Sande and go all the way upstairs to the room with the couches and ask around. Someone will open up to you
  12. sup man, i'm another scot who's made the trip. theres so many damn coffee shops, and often the best are just random small ones. i liked the greenhouse effect a lot, although its not that big and can get busy.
    one tip, takes lotsa cash :) bud is pretty expensive (tho worth it) and the drinks are a rip off, also theres so much tempting munch that you will need it. for example, the new york pizza places dotted all over the city centre, and FEBO!!! BURGERS IN VENDING MACHINES OMG!
    You'll probably easily spend upwards of 50 euro a day, 100 euro wouldn't be crazy.

    for other things to do...theres a lot of gothic churches/historical buildings, and a massive park near the middle of the centre that i can't really remember the name of right now....but is a really nice chill out spot.

  13. Seen as you've been before, is it as good as you think it is, i mean, i imagine being able to get high as fuck on some really good quality herb all day, jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop. Is that how it is? Or is it one of those places where you get there and you're like "Ohhh, i didn't know that, fuck sake".
  14. Too bad you have to be a resident now to use the coffeeshops :/
  15. [quote name='"I Stay High"']Too bad you have to be a resident now to use the coffeeshops :/[/quote]

    How about some credible sources for your statement.

  16. Netherlands Coffee Shops: Tourists To Be Banned From Legal Marijuana Cafes (VIDEO)

    "As of January 1, 2012, a new policy will go into effect, banning all foreigners from marijuana-selling "coffee shops" in three of the country's southern provinces, USA Today reports.

    In 2013, the ban will expand to the remaining nine provinces, which, of course, includes Amsterdam, a city popular with foreigners because of its lax drug policies."

  17. Yea I would say it definitely lives up to expectations. Spent our first day there doing as you say, going from shop to shop and getting a gram of this, gram of that, and was blown away. I'd say the best thing weed wise was the hash, stupidly powerful though pricey. Check out Isolator Hash...crumble some of that shit into a joint and you'll be jelly walking through the red light district with a stupid grin for hours.
    And its way more than just the quality of grass, its about getting blazed then walking around a wonderland of crazy shit you've never experienced before, and the city is damn beautiful.

    Word of warning though, theres a lot of bikes there, and bike lanes running beside most roads, so be careful you don't stumble into the path of one.

    As for the incoming ban, as far as I know Amsterdam is trying to fight it, being as they earn so much from the tourist industry. People will still go there though, they'll just have to buy it at 5x the price off dodgy locals and risk getting arrested.

  18. I read somewhere that they recently made it so that each municipality gets to choose their own laws restricting the sale of cannabis to foreigners and most of them aren't going for the ban.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  19. how old are you? when i was 19 i went with a few friends we stayed a hotel/hostel but its not like a normal hostel...hotel slotania...look it up..rooms come with bathrooms free breakfast. was ilke 64 euros for 4 nights i think total
  20. The rule of amsterdam is the further you go away from the center the less expensive it is(7-10 euro/1.5g's compared to 15-20 for 1.5g - 2gs) and your also pretty much assured not to have the same exact strains as all the other more touristy shops. Amnesia Haze,AK, G13, Diesels are all found at all the shops in/ near the red light district, whereas the shops a little further out will have sweet tooth, bubblegum, etc that most of those shops wont have. One of my favorites is "Homegrown Fantasy" @ Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 87, another good shop is Amnesia (way out of center). Other then that the guys at the original Bulldog are cool. One of em hooked me up with a brick-o-hash on the house just for hanging out and talking to him.

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