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Holiday in the states?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokin Jake, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Been looking into having a holiday next year and the Mrs. fancies going to the U.S.A. I've been looking at brochures and stuff but think it would be a lot cheaper if I did it off my own back rather than book a package holiday. I went to visit friends near Denver a couple of years ago and really loved it there, up in the mountains.

    This time I was thinking of going elsewhere, maybe even taking a road-trip but I'm not sure where abouts to go, I would like to go places that arent so touristy and are more laid back, which leads me to my next point, what would be the chances of picking up some herb whilst on holiday?
    Also, what are the things to look out for in order to, A:Not get caught and B:Not get ripped off.

    I have been told not to even try to score while on holiday by a few people but just wanted to know if it was really that risky?

    Any suggestions as to where I could go? (Nevada?) and tips on how to score?
  2. man, I really wanna help you here but there are just so many places you could go. if you wanna come here and smoke weed then go someplace where there's already people you know. if that's not possible or just really not preferable then I'd suggest someplace like California, if you're just looking to go someplace in north america, not america itself then Vancouver is supposed to be a good place for smoking tourists (I've heard people call it 'Vansterdam'). as far as anyplace that I've actually been to St. Louis is nice, same with Chicago, I wouldn't suggest soliciting weed from random people in either of these places though. if you simply stick to people you know and don't try to smuggle anything over any borders you should be fine. Good luck friend and I hope the states are good to you.
  3. Alaska is beautiful as heck in the summer and there's more than enough action in the city for the time you'll be there, probably. The weed is some of the best in north america and there's ample supply. It's right up there with Hawaii as most popular tourist state.

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