Holiday in the States?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, May 27, 2002.

  1. Hey!

    I was just wondering, is everybody on some kind of holiday in the US? I wondered because the traffic at the board plunged in the last three days by 70 % !!! LOL

    Or is it my problem with my board???? I hope not!

  2. Yeah, Super J!!!

    It is Memorial Day weekend. Well, actually today is Memorial Day but we make it a weekend thing here. It is a hoilday that is in remembrance of everyone who has lost their lives protecting America's freedom. It also kind of represents the first weekend of summer. EVERYBODY is usually outside, all day, on Memorial Day!
  3. Well happy memorial day to all of you!!!!

    Funny that it makes such a difference, normaly we receive about 250 new postings a day, over the last weekend and today, just 40 postings! Amazing..... Makes me wonder what I'm doing inside my dark office. Going out right now, see ya!!

  4. Thanks Super J!!!!!!!!!

    Happy "Get High Right Now" Day to you!!!! Sounds like a good made up holiday for you to enjoy, doesn't it????? Have a great day, Super J!!!!

 if we could only help Bud Head out with posting pics of the Lil' Princess...
  5. SJ we have holidays for everything except a weed holiday. Of course most of us smoke on the holidays any way. I guess you could call it a weed holiday if you want.

    RMJL Smoke a big one for me. I won't smoke but just a little till my princess gets a little older. Got to keep on my toes ya know!
  6. Oh yeah, Bud Head, you can count on me!!!!!

    I will even smoke an extra bowl a day just for you and in honor of the Lil Princess until you can get back to your normal tokin' routine.
  7. Thanks GF I appreciate that!!!!!
  8. around here memorial day/weekend means beach weekend, everyone flocks to the beach on memorial day/weekend

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