Holi Seeds/Nirvana Seeds give away TURBO 420 competition....

Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by Holi Seeds, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. OK guys, the comp is over. It stopped at 09:00 am this morninge.
    The last post is number 625. (gotto be a bit strict here)
    We will draw today and post the winners.
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  2. Right, so here we go.
    First of all, thanks for participating in this CRAZY TURBO comp. Never thought we would get so many posts in such a short time :)
    Just to clarify again, we have the comp in 2 threads because I did not know where to put it, see post #1.
    I added the posts from Sweepstakes to the other thread like said and continued counting the post numbers.
    Anyway, picked at random 2 numbers (random generator) and the winners are:
    303 bigggsteve89
    682 New Destination
    Congratulations guys, please PM me your e-mail address for vouchers.
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  3. Congrats! You guys rocked it!!!
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    My seeds got taken by customs, kind of a shitty shipping method, why didnt you use the same method Nirvana uses? Hopefully this comp wasn't a waste
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    Mike please check

  6. great. but it is late .now....
  7. what cannabis seed?

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