Holi Seeds/Nirvana Seeds give away competition....

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  1. Thanks guys for the contest. That was really cool of you. And congrats to the winners. Good luck with the new ladies.
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    NIce contest!
  3. Just was about to buy some seeds and a warning came up about a fake website trying to imitate holiseeds..not good oh well
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    the last post with the link i clicked was posting the winners a few posts up #1646 is the one i clicked  order a 5 pack, proceed to check out and got a security message..
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    I followed the link www.holiseeds.com on post 1646 on different devices, but I am not getting a security message, nor (called our techie) is there anything strange on our websites. SSL works, no virus, no whatever.
    All our websites are scanned continuously against any kind of malware/virusses or other bad stuff, but we detect none. Also we opened a major issue support ticket with our hosting company and they could find nothing wrong. We pay a LOT for security (more than hosting itself, which is several hundreds a month) to keep you and us safe.
    Are you possibly trying to pay with a US-only credit card? Then you will get a message that it is not accepted.
    Shoot me a mail at info@holiseeds.com so we do not "hijack" this thread with this.
  6. I been to Holiseeds numerous times over the past few weeks and even entered and order all the way up to where you enter CC payment info and never once did I get any message or warning.
    I have researched the company as far as web searches and could not find anything listed as Bad. or scam.
    I think the rep from oliseeds may be right about the CC not being valid for use outside the states 
    That  have seen before, you need to call the CC company and say it's ok for the charge to go through for an overseas charge
    All card companies are fifferent and not everyones card contracts are the same,
    Send ya..all good now...mighta been one of those North Korean Hackers..glad i caught it thou
  8. Congrats guys😀
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    Thanks for the contest holi seeds. It was a fun one.
    And congrats to the ones that won!
  10. I was just on the site
    and I was reading the details and came across this
    Welcome to Holi Seeds, your premium Nirvana cannabis seeds supplier. Our mission is to get you the best quality Nirvana cannabis seeds for the most affordable prices. Professionalism, customer care and discretion are the values we live by, if there is any wish we might be able to help you with, don't hesitate to ask.
    <span style="margin:0px;color:rgb(255,0,0);">New promotion: 10 Free quality cannabis seeds are added to every order!</span> They will not show up in the cart, but just added with the shipment (till new site is up).
    We keep our selection limited in order to guarantee the freshest Nirvana cannabis seeds stock and best Nirvana results. That's only one of the reasons we selected Nirvana as our premier cannabis seed supplier.
    Is this true  we get 10 free seeds with every order or am I reading it wrong
    Very Cool
  11. Yes, everyone gets 10 free seeds per order. :)
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  13. Canna hannah not sure promoting other forums is allowed
  14. Yeah that's the only negative. Those seeds are basically worthless without the name. I have anaccidental cross with unknown lineage Cuzco of that. Great cross thou.

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