Holi Seeds/Nirvana Seeds give away competition....

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  1. No its now finished lines are closed
  2. Oh ok my bad
  3. Good luck all!
  4. Goodluck to everyone!:)
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    First of all we hope that you guys had some fun with this competition!
    We never expected to get 81 pages with competition posts!!!! Fantastic all!
    We used a random number generator today to pick 5 number from 1618 posts (completely random) and here are the (post)numbers that won:
    49      STIGGYMATA   
    161    NorthernAutos
    536    PyspherE
    1224  Loki125
    1549  PuffGeek
    Congratulations to you!
    We will send a PM to you guys as well since you will need the voucher for the strain that you posted in those specific posts.
    We have a new promo starting 2nd April 2015 (in 2 hours) with lower seed prices on our site and International Shipping starting at E 1,95 
    Again, thanks all for participating and congratulations to the winners!
    thanks from Nirvana team http://www.holiseeds.com/
  6. Congratulations everyone! Thanks Holi seeds and Nirvana!
  7. Congratulations ppl happy for you! Hope to c journals in few months😉😉
  8. Woot Woot Woot! Thanks guys! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Nice win, guys!
  10. And a shout out to Holi Seeds.....great contest and a great website![​IMG] Thank you!!
  11. Loki123???
    And omg if its me and not a actual loki123 im a lucky sob right now.
    Wow so many good growers won congrats all and holiseeds thank you
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    Great Contest Holi Seeds
    Thank You Much
    It was extremly FUN!!!!!
    Had a Blast...
    TO ALL!!!!
  13. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Holi Seeds!
  14. Hi Loki, yes I just saw the typo, sorry for that.... :)
    Changed Loki123 to Loki125
    Of course we would love to see some growjournals!
  15. Thanks Guys!! This was an awesome comp! Loved every second of it! All the best to the other winners and competitors!

    Peace & Love
  16. Thank you so much!! I needed seeds badly, the wallet is hurtin lol

    My Organic, LED, Autoflower grow!
  17. STIGGY Imma need you to share the wealth bro!!!! Lol. U win every comp!!!! Congrats Stiggy and everyone else who won!! Seriously STIGGY send me some beans my friend. Lol

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  18. Damn stiggy. Always winning these.

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