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Holes in lungs??WTF.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FreeMJ, May 31, 2009.

  1. ok so i was watching this pretty retarded journalist's take on herb.

    It is called "should i smoke dope?" on youtube.

    In one the segments she went to some specialist who had images of lungs. The stoners lungs were supposedly way more fucked up than on non smokers and even a cig smoker.

    Is this bs or what. What kind of damge does weed realistacly do to your lungs?

    All that i have ever seen about cannabis is good. wtf?
  2. I saw this special, it's from the BBC, and the woman is a complete idiot about MJ. Most of the "experiences" she has are just silly - and the research shown is shoddy at best.
  3. i dont know man. Britain is really crazy about cannabis so its not very credible, but it'll definitely be on the back of my mind the next time i look at all the sludged up resin inside my pipe/bong/grav and so on. Like, i doubt it does absolutely nothing to your lungs. I switched to a vape two weeks ago and im already feeling happier lungs

    just sayin;)
  4. It's youtube, you can find a 12 year old shaking her ass trying to be Shakira.
  5. lol that is so true

  6. I just wanted to let you know that this statement is completely false. Weed is not some magical elixir that's a 1 stop cure to all diseases and alenesses. (probably spelled that one wrong) Even though lots of people here talk like it is.

    Lots of unnatural things people do have negative effects, and any unbiased person can comment on the negative effects weed has.

    Not so sure about holes in the lungs though.
  7. I honestly would not believe anything on youtube I dont even believe things i say half the time
  8. it was only hosted on youtube.

    Like Will already said it was a special on BBC- a major tv station.

    I think the pictures of those lungs were from a person who had problems and smoked all day everyday for years. But thats why i was asking. I dont know if its a real problem for the occasional smoker or if vaping.
  9. for what its worth i think they said the guy was 25 or something, but its been awhile since ive seen it
  10. Shenanigins.
  11. yea, their point was that a 20 y/o lungs look like a 60 y/o.
  12. Well, you cant say that the Cannabis smoker also smoked tobacco. Then you take into account, its YOUTUBE. Non the less, you are inhaling heated plant mater. so your lungs will take a hit hard unless you ingest or vape cannabis. you can also state the the person may had prior lung issues, or other body aliments that led to her "holes"
  13. im pretty sure the persons lungs was sombody who smoked spliffs which means they smoked tobacco also...
  14. I also agree with this. While the researcher in the documentary said it was a cannabis-only smoker, I find that hard to believe as most Europeans mix their tobacco and cannabis :rolleyes:
  15. its nothing new man. many people are just stubborn and believe that cannabis is a safe drug and harmless, people dont realize that it deposits 4x more tar than cigs do and is extremely taxing on your heart, but hey - thats an active choice we all make everytime we toke up. cannabis is good every now and then i suppose (for the high), but as far as personal health goes, smoking anything is bad.
  16. Well, in the United Kingdom and Europe it is common that they mix their weed with tobacco. The tobacco is probably to blame here.
  17. The reason tobacco is so bad for you is that some plants have a high capacity for removing free radical particles from the air such as radon. The plants store the free radicals and release them as they decompose. Tobacco has this capacity, this means that its great to have a tobacco plant in your home because it will remove radon and harmful radioactive particles from the air, but if you smoke it its terrible for you.

    However, this is a very uncommon trait in a plant and one not shared by cannabis (so far as i can find anywhere) thus unlike tobacco marijuana wont release free radicals (as much) and cause the damage caused by them.

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