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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a camera that can capture it because they're so small, but I'm starting to see some new growth come out with weird little cracks and holes in them. It's not a lot- maybe 3-5 leaves on each plant out of hundreds. Once I notice the holes, they don't get any worse, but seem to "grow out" with the leaf.
    Now I'm not too worried about it because there are so few of them, they don't seem to get worse, and the plants seem healthy otherwise. My theory is that I'm damaging new leaves here and there by tucking in the dense areas- I first noticed the holes on my 2 lst'd plants that have really bushy, chaotic growth.. and I'm always tucking those leaves to try and get light where I want it.
    Soooo... this doesn't sound like a pest problem right? Should I start worrying down the road if it gets worse? And if so, when?

  2. Have a really close look all over the plant for any bugs (use a magnifying glass if you've got one). I'd vacuum the grow room just incase. The other possibility is burns caused by reflections or nutrient splash...? Post if you figure it out, sounds interesting...
  3. Get a magnifying glass and check underneath leaves for pests.  Check everywhere.  If, whatever it is, is big enough to make the type of hole you are talking about then you should be able to spot them.  
    The holes aren't yellow a little bit right? 

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