Holes in Leaves

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  1. I am getting a hole in one of my baby clones...my temp and humid are stable between 70-80 and 50-55 respectively.  I am using soil and may have nuted them too early to cause this even though i used an incredibly weak feeding.  I also transplanted them to the soil just yesterday.  Are there any other explainations you can think of? transplant shock? doesnt seem like pests to me as I am in a controlled environment, but i am unsure at this point. pH of everything has been checked and should be ideal.   thanks for you help in advance...it is much appreciated!


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  2. I have been dealing with something similar in my area as well. Best guess from me could be something like a mealy bug. Check for tiny white fuzzy things on the tops and undersides of the leaves. Ive been looking at a product called azamax. I see lots of other folks around here recommend neem oil. I hope this helps.
  3. Clones do not need nutes
    even beginning veg plants do not need nutes

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