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  1. Ive been spraying with neem oil the last week but the holes getting worse any ideas?

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  2. Get some BT.

    Doesn't have to be that brand or website just a reference
  3. You shouldn't have to use Neem Oil when growing outdoors unless your grow area receives no breeze and you aren't able to rinse the entire plant. Mites tend to be an indoor grow problem. If you suspect mites in your outdoor grow, give the leaves a good dousing of H2o before sunrise and/or turn a fan on them. BT is great. I use that too, but not for mites. I use them on catties.
  4. Ok thanks for the info
  5. Cold pressed neem oil is the one

    many proprietary formulas around that dilute the effectiveness of neem

    like soap and water added

    ensure you spray both sides of the plant

    neem is systemic, organic and good for molds and bugs of all types

    for your condition apply 2-3 times per week

    good luck
  6. Looks like moths, caterpillars, slugs, snails or grasshoppers are dining on your plants. Been is great to kill and prevent mites and other pest but does nothing for the pest I listed. I use either BT or Spinosad mixed with neem or another insecticide for mites along with a squirt of dish soap. I spray my plants weekly if no signs of pest or every thread days if I have signs if pest. Mites and other pest can build a resistance to insecticide so it's important to rotate what you use for mites each treatment. I use the soap every time as it acts as an emulsion ( helps stick to the plants) and it also suffocates the mites.

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