Holes in leaves, nothing work

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  1. Hi, one of my plants have holes in leaves. There are no sign of pests. Neem oil, chem pesticide and garlic leachate do not work. So i am considering, that i will not bother myself with this problem anymore. Should i cut of the leaves? And what it will cause to my crop? Thanks for answering.
    21081350_1617926058240408_59333561_o.jpg 21081558_1617925911573756_1200403349_o.jpg 21123140_1617926378240376_907344631_o.jpg
  2. hi there ,,it looks like the damage as been done by a small beetle ,,have you checked all over the plant for whats actually causing the problem ?
    if you can wait till its dark and then look at your plant with a touch while its dark you may be able to find out then whats chowing on your leaves ....i'd leave the leaves on they dont have any disease on the leaves..only take leaves off that are dying etc,,..all the best ,,,,,mac...
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  3. You definitely have a bug issue. Get better magnification and identify the problem for real. Can't fix if you don't know what you are dealing with.
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