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    Ok so I've been running searches on this problem for about an hour, and am at the point where I believe it needs to be looked at by a more experienced grower. I have not seen these holes before, which leads me to believe they developed over night. It's possible I just didn't see it, as it is a fairly new growth and was not visible until yesterdays lst. Anywho, I searched the plant for bugs and couldn't find any. I didn't see any webs either. Please helppppp!

    Edit: This only occurs on the set of leaves pictured. Also, if you look closely there is a brown thing on the far left of the set. This looks like the start of a leaf that never developed. Or was eaten BAH!

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  2. It looks like old damage.

    Im highly skeptical if it wuz a bug.
    Keep your eyes peeled however...

  3. Haha yup It looks like old damage .

    maybe some harm came during planting

    p.s holes in leaves are usually:
    -physical damage
    -hungry bugz
  4. That's the kind of problem you wait on to see if it gets worse. Stop stressing. Right now you have nothing to worry about. How's the humidity though? When my room was dry and the pots had dried out, one plant ripped holes in itself trying to stretch out its leaves without water in the cells.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm not sure on the humidity, though I do leave open containers of water in there, and the plant seems to be thriving. HOWEVER! I was doing a bit of training today and noticed a couple of tiny holes in some leaves on that side of the plant. I'll keep my cool, and just watch for the next week. If it gets worse Ill throw some pics up and see what you guys come up with.


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