Holes in fan leaves

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  1. Not sure what this is caused by. Some tips have even disappeared because of this. Any ideas?
  2. Insects munching on 'em.
    Take a closer look at the underside of the leafs.
  3. Same problem here. Found only 2 little 3mm long caterpillars or they look more like worms. Idk whatto do. I will try baking soda, cinnamon aroma and olive oil and spray my plants
  4. If you do the olive oil spray, let me know how that works out
  5. Get yourself some BT if you're finding caterpillars. Always good as a preventative anyways.
  6. Problem is i cant get it in my country. Any other products that can help?
  7. That is earwig damage, go outside at night with a flashlight and pick em off. Also a cup buried in your soil to the rim filled 1/4th the way up with oilve oil will become a great trap for them, I was getting 20-30 a night in my veggie garden using this.
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  8. I've been forcing flower for two weeks so I've been bringing it inside in the evening, could it be something else?
  9. looks like there is a small caterpillar in the first pic to the right of the red circle?
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