Holes and yellow color on leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Shloudloud, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. 0A13CFDD-7605-4C22-B37A-878AA97F5F71.jpeg A7899EBB-FFE2-451D-9B3D-3D381FB4D9C7.jpeg 787D19BB-8BFC-403A-AC20-EA78B4A7894E.jpeg Saw that on one of my plants has a couple holes on some leaves and some yellow colorization on some leaves also, been spraying neem oil in case its some sort of pest, but i looked and inspected the plant and the others next to it and didnt see any pests, first time growing and was going absolutely amazing until i came across this dilemma, thank you!
  2. May be catipilars , they are masters of hiding too .
    Monterey BT spray works wonders on catipilars from veg-flower

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  3. Thank you! Will definitely buy a bottle first thing tomorrow, might be a dumb question but is the damage done to it so far serious ? Thank you
  4. Just leave damage nothing major but if its catipilars they won't stop
    They'll destroy leaves and flowers .
    Monterey BT spray is i believe considered organic so it can be used up to a week or two from harvest .

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  5. I don't worry too much if I see that occasionally when they are young. I have found those holes, more often than not, to just be a rare defect on my smaller plants. I believe it to be either dry spots in the medium or a pH imbalance or a "hot spot" in the soil but I lean towards dry spot.

    My Afghani#1 clone just starting to root into a 5 gallon bag did this a few days back. It was getting slightly twisted leaves as they rolled out, then the occasional tear or chunk missing and some odd color spots. The balance of the pot felt top heavy and a little lopsided when I lifted it. As soon I did a good watering and got all the soil really good, normal growth resumed shortly after. The leaves started coming out straight and no holes or tears, no color blemishes.

    I have found it only really happens when young, either seedling/young plant, or young clone, and I am trying to water just enough to keep the roots happy, not too dry and not too wet.

    When they get older and the roots fill the pot, you have to water more often and give it more water at a single feeding, eliminating those dry spots. I don't see those tears/holes when they are bigger and I am watering more often.

    With the color blemish, and the holes that come out looking like they have already scar tissued up along the tear, I find that to be soil issues.

    It could be bugs as well in your situation, I am not saying don't check. That was just my 2¢ letting you know what I have observed.
    I have no bugs in my room, I am too far north with too short of a season for cannabis pests, I live in a large town, not out in the farm country. And I have a screen over my intake, and an inline filter in the ducting. I do check my plants often and I am always looking and spraying water under the leaves, but there are no bugs whatsoever so I have all but ruled them out.

    Spray them with whatever these guys recommend, check them out by all means. But consider it could be a soil issue if you can't find anything.
  6. 402971A7-EB02-4162-8F58-821F90CA660E.jpeg E6335D03-A580-4EB2-967C-A67AD18297B0.jpeg
    This is currently hows its looking, basically only on this plant, if its soil issues, what would you recommend to fix the soil?
  7. I just make sure to water until a slight runoff whenever I water. Not a full flush.

    Just until a cup or two come out the bottom. It's a good habit. Some people feed a little....give it a little water a few days later....feed a little more a day later and so on. I find when I do that, the salts build up and lock up the soil, alter pH etc.

    Best I have found for my plants is to let my soil start to dry down to about my first knuckle deep, then water/feed to runoff.

    But if that's all it is, just those little blemishes, I wouldn't worry just yet. Your next feed should take care of it.
  8. The marks on the leaves is splash damage, don't get the leaves wet. I don't know what the holes are from but I occasionally get this and it doesn't spread and doesn't cause problems
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  9. Didn't even think of that for the yellow...nice. That makes sense.
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  10. Looks like white fly larvae to me.... I had it on one on my gorilla skittles in my last grow so I stuck up some greenhouse fly traps and kept a vigilant eye out for them and in a week they were gone... no more holes or new leaf damage. Always have my eye out for pests!

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