Hole in the wall.

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  1. Sup blades.

    I have found this place for my stealthop.
    I don't really no what it's use is. Can anybody shed some knowledge or ideas.
    It has an outlet that is being split. I tried drawing power from it with no results. :(

    [Not talking about outlet right next to it, but outlet inside the hole.]

    Any ideas? :confused:
  2. Looks like a house fire waiting to happen.
  3. No fire risk, CFL's are more my style. 1-2 Plants max.
  4. That hole is probably there for access to something, keep in mind if whatever is back there fails, a repair guy may have to go in there lol

    I have one of those in my bedroom, and directly behind it is a very important part of the water system. Consider what room is, or what is behind that wall that you can obviously know is there... like a bathroom, water heater room, laundry room, if there is any sort of non bed/living room behind there and a room requiring lots of gas/water/electricity, it could very well be there for a reason

    But i can tell just from the pics that pipe has required access before.... hence there is a hole there lol
  5. How big is the area behind the wall (height, depth, width)? Is that outlet in a box, and make sure wires aren't exposed.
  6. looks like a drain for toilet, shower, sink...something. what are the dimensions? i wouldnt think insulation is good for a grow....prolly be better off building a grow box behind there somehow.

  7. I agree...
    Another thing which you should consider is that them pipes transport water..
    If you're using them outlets that close to water (or water pipes) you should be using a ground fault outlet...

    If for whatever reason a pipe were to burst allowing conductivity from the water to the outlet's power source, it would not be a good thing to walk in unknowingly and step in the water...

    IMO I would have that rewired before I used it...
    God forbid if something were to happen, 99.9% of insurance companies will not cover it when your grow chamber is discovered as the cause of the fire..

    I would say, better safe then sorry... ;)
  8. Lol i think its odd they have exposed wires like that near that pipe in the first place (i mean exposed as in, there is NOTHING separating that from a leak, not exposed as in unsheathed wire)

    thats a disaster waiting to fucking happen man......

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