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Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by deadkndys, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Is it me or are most hole in the wall places better then say a large restaurant?

    Theres this place I go to for breakfast every now and then and they are real reasonable with their prices and generous with the food portions.

    A country fried steak breakfast only cost me 8.49 today.
  2. the hole in the wall place is probaly owned/run by a guy who loves to cook or provide a service, whatever....
    he dosnt have to pay expensive rent, he dosnt spend a lot on the upkeep of place. dosnt have a fancy college educated "manager". dosnt have alota employyes and health insurance, workers comps, taxes...

    so he has low prices and good food
  3. I completely agree to this
    There are many "hole in the wall" places in my area, and 90% of them are amazing. Great food, great prices, and great people working there
    Also, the ingredients are always better too

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