Hole in the head!!!!

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  1. yup dats true, i got a hole in my head, so i have go to surgery in 2 weeks, so ill be deaf for 2 to 8 months.. gayballs

    its a metal peice in my head so i can hear and well it got puss in it somehow... so here the pic.. srry i have a shitty camera so.. i cant get a good close up :/

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  2. ouch man.

    does it hurt at all?

    sending good vibes man. hope that shit works out.
  3. no dog,, well i was at concert 2 weeks ago and i touch that part and i felt a puss comin out and i was like WTF!! but it didnt hurt at all,
  4. shit man.

    so i may be a bit high...but I'm confused. you have a metal thing in your ear and it makes you unable to hear now?
  5. well thats the interal device (cochlear implant) that device is a computer that sent sound to my head, and well it not suppose to show, the skin is suppose to cover it...
    it still works, i can still hear, but now i have to go to surgery cause it infected and they want to take it out and let it heal then put it back in so i'll be deaf for 2 to 8 months

    its kinda hard to explain in words then speakin out loud so
    here the site
  6. wait.... so u'll be TOTALLY deaf for 8 months? or just in ur one ear

    that would really suck to be deaf for 8 months, no communication (unless u n ur friends/family know sign language, or they just have to write everything), no music, just total silence

    at least ur not blind for 8 months though, that would be the worst
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    Well what Ive gathered from this, is he is already deaf, and has always been deaf
    and he uses that metal thing to allow him to hear. So I'm sure hes used to being
    deaf, which is why he is taking it all chill and not like freaking out.

    Im sending good vibes your way. I hope the surgery goes well, and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  8. damn best of luck heal fast, blaze up
  9. That's what I gathered.. especially considering his user name..

    OP, good luck with the surgery. I've been through it 8 times myself.. so I somewhat know what you're going through!
  10. yea man, goood vibes!
  11. thanks guys for supporting me

    yeah, when i go swimming, take a shower, go to bed or dont want to listen to people LOL
    i just take off my hear-aid and dont have to hear a dam thing lol

    well the only problem i hate is everytime i take off my hear aid, mostly time i get ring in the ear.. sucks but used to it

    oh yea, i was born deaf and my left ear has little bit of hair so i only can hear low freqezy sounds...

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