Hole in my bowl?

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted, I'm new and I couldn't find it. I have a wooden pipe and the bowl has a small hole in the side of it. I haven't smoked out of it with the hole, and I would like to be able to cover it up, hopefully permanently.. Any suggestions?
  2. That'll be your choke lol, I'd recommend not covering it up... While taking your hit cover it so the pipe fills with smoke. When you take your finger off the hole air will rush into the pipe clearing the smoke.
  3. Thats your carb mate. just do exactly what ^^^^^^^^^^ said.
  4. No its a hole I accidentally made. I actually made the pipe from scratch and when I was making the bowl I accidentally made a hole I didn't mean to, and I don't want it there.. it's not a carb
  5. Wooden pipes dont have carbs. At least, none that ive ever seen.
  6. mate, you can buy synthetic wood putty which actually looks just fine when dry - although im not sure of the implications of heating it up and inhaling. Go into a hardware shop and look at the labels on various wood fillers - I imagine a certain degree of trial and error is also needed with regards to heating.
  7. Yea I don't think I really feel comfortable inhaling synthetic wood putty, but that's just me
  8. Is it on the outside? if so, take a piece of wood and file it down to the perfect size, and tap it in there. Wood plug ftw.
  9. Stop being a bitch.

    EDIT: I don't apologize.
  10. I see what you did there...
  11. Just leave the hole and keep your finger on it during smoking, or make another wooden pipe and don't make an accidental hole.
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  14. Your best bet is to make a new piece. The only thing you could fill it with and it would last is something like epoxy, silicone, wood paste, wood glue, or just glue. But all of those are harmful to smoke with so I wouldn't.

    I made plenty of wooden pipes in my high school days, I'd just make another.

  15. this guy :hello:
  16. Use quick steel, this is like mighty putty. Its drinking water safe so you can put it on water pipes, it barely expands and contracts. Its sandable and painable so you could paint it to match the pipe. Its also non-toxic once dry and remains heat proof up to like 500f. I use this stuff for almost anything DIY. Once it sets it easaly washes off your hands with warm soap and water.
  17. Buy a new bowl..

  18. hrm...im gonna try that, i usually heat my water.. :smoke:

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