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holding your hits in

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thelamb, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. i am confused on this.....should i hold hits in long or short....or like a normal breathe.....i hear alll different reasons to do both and im just wondering which one is best for joint,blunts,bong rips,pipe hits,or vape hits....thx
  2. what ive learned and experienced is when you exhail all the smoke that comes out is wasted.
  3. 7 seconds is teh magic number.
  4. Everyone has different opinions on it..some will say it only takes X number of seconds for the compounds in the smoke to work their magic; others will tell you to hold it until you feel like you're about to choke to death. As for me... I just do what feels right, and perhaps you should too. :)
  5. If you want to be technical about it, the proper way to do it is to inhale, hold a few seconds, inhale a little bit sharply, hold a couple seconds and exhale. That mixes the smoke and lets the maximum THC absorb into your lungs.
  6. 5-7 seconds tops,
    overdoing it will kill brain cells eh,
  7. How do you smoke weed?
  8. i dont get why people say hold your hits for super long lol it really doesnt matter...somtimes i hold my hits a couple seconds somtimes i exhale after a second or two..either way i get high who cares if a little bit of thc from a hit is wasted..
  9. there's facts behind this guys... just go to google and type in thc absorption rate.
  10. Holding for too long is not good, you need oxygen no? The usual numbers you see around are 4-8sec, I remember reading something about the THC absorption being only significant in the few first seconds (don't recall the number exactly). Anyways, I'm of no help.
  11. THC is absorbed in the lungs within a few seconds. There is no need to hold in the hit any longer than 5 seconds. If you've ever heard that you need to hold the hit in as long as you can, its false.

    If you hold the smoke in your lungs any longer than 5 seconds, your only holding in the tars and toxins, and not getting any higher.

    Google ftw :smoke:
  12. Actually, the avleoli in your lungs are pretty efficient at absorbing the THC in smoke, and are able to absorb nearly 95% of the THC in a matter of less than 5 seconds. In marijuana smoke, you are exhaling not only just tar but as well as carbon monoxide, benzene, acetone, ammonia, acetonitrilebenzene, and a bunch of other chemicals that make up the actual smoke that you are exhaling.

    If you hold this smoke it for too long (or ghost your hits) your lungs are able to absorb additional amounts of carcinogens and since the THC is almost entirely absorbed in less than 5 seconds, its unnecessary to hold your hits in for a prolonged period of time. Any extra feelings you receive off of holding your hits in is most likely a result of oxygen deprivation.

    For vaporizers, you want to hold in your hits much longer than with actual smoke because it takes longer for the THC from vapor to be absorbed by the alveoli in your lungs (but not significantly longer), which really doesn't matter much because there are no carcinogenic materials in vapor. If you want to know the proper method on hitting a joint, blunt, bowl, bong, whatever; then look at the quoted post below, this person pretty much sums it up correctly.

  13. #14 fightermaverick, Aug 13, 2011
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  14. Brain cells die after about 4 minutes without oxygen.

    Otherwise swimming would make you absolutely retarded within a few weeks.
  15. WTF!
    I could never imagine going 4 minutes without oxygen,
    nevermind 30 seconds.
    I'd be dead.
  16. I make a game out of it man, and its also just habit. I always hold in for like 10 seconds though.
  17. Navy Seals go longer, thats like basic.

    You would have to pass out from lack of oxygen obviously before you lose braincells. But you can also STUN your braincells making them ineffective for a number of hours. Im not joking. It just doesnt destroy them.
  18. well i'm glad this is settled ha,
    i always thought longer than like 10 seconds i was killing cells.
    kept me from holding in my vape hoots.
    NOO MORE:devious:

  19. Nah man, its just bad for your health!

    Toke that shit up!:hello: If you dont want that "Heady" kind of lack of oxygen light headedness *this is kind of ridiculous watching others do it* hyperventilate just for a little bit then pushh ALL the air out and take a HUGE hit and suck in air afterwards and hold that shit it. You will get such a head rush, if you dont cough the first time you do this it would surprise me.

    Trust me, you wanna shake hands with an astronaut on Apollo 11? Do what I just told you because you have LIFT OFF.

    The funny part is, if you havent done it, you dont know they sensation im talking about, when it ACTUALLY feels like youre taking off.

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