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Holding smoke longer....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gag On Grass, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. So, i usually cough quite a bit when tokin, but last night while doin it myself i tried flexing my muscles, and it seems i can hold smoke quite a bit longer this way, probably as long as i want even. Anyone do this, is this normal and i'm just not aware?
  2. holding it in for long is impressive but it only takes like 10 or 7 seconds for thc absorbtion... and yes it is completely natural, how long have you been blazin?
    usually when you start smokin it is quite hard to hold in, my friends call this "virgin lung" but when you have smoked for a while you can relax your lungs better and you get used to breathin in smoke so... ya
  3. well, i've been smokin for a few months a bit more often than i used to, but i don't have anyone tellin me every little thing about weed, so just makin sure.
  4. glad i could help out:D
  5. I only hold mine for bout 6 seconds, works great. JOE>
  6. yeah, thanks. I try not to ask questions that are kinda newbish like this because people will think i'm like completely new at smokin or something, but i just don't have many people who know stuff, my closest friends don't do drugs besides one who learns from me if anything.
  7. i only hold mine for 5-7 seconds.

    any more and no smoke comes out. which means it stayed on my lungs.
  8. me n my friends sumtimes speed round a joint wer u av 2 stand in a circle take a toke n pass it on but u av 2 not breathe out the smoke until the joint cums bak 2 u :p
  9. ah yes, the marathon:rolleyes: good times
  10. The most reliable method which I have seen posted many times here and on OG when it was up, is:

    Take a hit and hold it in for about 4-5 seconds, then blow out. When you see smoke come out, inhale again. Then exhale, when you see smoke, inhale. Just keep doing that until you have no more smoke. This is because THC is released when the smoke is moving.

    It may sound pretty tough, but its quite easy when you try it.
  11. Thats what the city is for man:hello::bongin:

    EDIT: I hold it in for 4-7 seconds.
  12. Lately it's been about 3-5 seconds at the most and that's been working great for me. It's also good to just take a bunch of really tiny hits in quick order. Play around... experiment.
  13. Hold the smoke in for a long time and you breathe out a "ghost" hit, it's pretty cool when you burp and breathe out a fat cloud of smoke later.
  14. i keep it in for about 5-10 secs

    i love it and makes me feel a lil more stoned :D
  15. I read an article saying 99 percent waas gone in 2 seconds
    i was losing highs then if that was a lie

  16. i hold mine in a gd long time, maybe 10 seconds
  17. I hold till I have to let it out, but I just inhale instead of exhaling. I find it works for me, so in total, I hold for 30 secs or more, but its more of a game for me than anything else.
  18. Yeah man, good shit. When i'm with about 6 people we do that, except you have to name a car name once it gets to you, without blowing out the smoke. If you name a car that hasn't been said before you take another hit on it, if not, then you skip your go.
  19. i was smokin the other day with a guy who was doin this, never seen it before
  20. That exhale, then inhale the smoke, then exhale, and inhale it again thing I have not seen nor heard of before but I will try it out. I have been holding my hits for ~15 secs so I guess that is longer than necessary?

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