Holding Off on Blowing A Load?

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  1. Wat up tokers, I've heard people say this works, and i've heard people say it doesn't, so i'll ask on here. Is it true that if you refrain from ejaculating for more than 3 days, women just somehow know and are a little more attracted? I think it has to do with pheromones or something...

    I haven't beat my meat in 4 days, and shit, ill be walking down the street and some hot ass chick will be smiling and looking at me. Just yesterday at the fuckin store I was looking for a book, and some really cute chick comes up lookin at the same rack of books and is leaning towards me and shit. After like a minute of her leaning up on me, I talk to her and we end up standing there talking for like 10 minutes about random shit, ended up getting her number and shes dtf.

    Works for me, how about you guys? Post away.
  2. whattttttt

    for reals?

  3. def not

    trust me
  4. Yeah dude, that's totally true. So is the old adage that if the girl's on top she can't get pregnant, it's just gravity.
  5. Whatever you wanna say bro, works for me

  6. If it does it's a placebo effect man. I promise you what you think is happening, isn't.
  7. ya but it actually could work like that . pheromone levels can vary widely. i'd be surprised if someone on grasscity actually knew.
  8. All In Your Head.
  9. i kinda doubt it.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if it was all in my head, if anything else, it raises my confidence when it comes to talking to new girls.

  11. That's what it's really all about man, confidence.
  12. ya i mean pheromones aside some of my friends act like idiots when they have pussy on the brain ....so which one is gonna matter more ?
  13. it could have an effect on pheromones, but i think it has more to do with he fact that you act differently.
  14. Haha, I doubt she was attracted cus you reframed but jacking off. Still, may help just a tiny tiny bit.
  15. I'm sure she was completely oblivious to the fact that I didn't jack off. It's just that not jacking off gives you a little extra... incentive? Your body hasn't had sex in a while so it tries to get it, by increasing testosterone levels. That part is true, look it up.
    Studies have been done on this.
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    There are a lot of things in this world we dont understand. It might be working OP! Keep it up. Its called entanglment or something along those lines. It means we are all connected somehow. She can probably feel your man juice building up and looking to release it
  17. I had a deep conversation about this recently and it makes a lot of sense in my experience. Maybe our brains comunicate in ways that we cannot see or measure, maybe our brains comunicate with the people around us in a way which effects our actions without us even realising it. It would answer a lot of questions/myths, like love on first sight for example..

    Just my two pennies :smoke:
  18. I wrote my final project for AP Bio in high school about pheromones, specifically sexual pheromones. I never came across anything that would support this. Then again, research on human sexual pheromones is far and few, so who knows, really.

    However, I'm pretty certain that the appearance of increased attraction was not caused my any sort of physiological change, but rather a placebo-affect. Firstly, if you thought you would get more attention from women, you probably upped our confidence a bit. Maybe you even put some more time into getting ready so you would look your best. Women like confidence and well dressed men. Second, it's very possible that you simply noticed more women looking at you, because it would support your beliefs.
  19. yea but when u finally get it, u have so much built up inside you that u pop early.. haha.

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