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Holding in vapor, questions/concerns

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Maxm, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. So I've had the SSV for a couple weeks now and have been using a lot but have never tried holding in the vapor for more than about 2 seconds. I know holding smoke in is obviously bad, but haven't heard anything about vapor. Also, for some reason when I inhale vapor, it tickles my throat. Why is that? I have smoked for over a year and have never felt something like this until beginning vaping. Also, will I get higher from holding in the vapor for longer?
  2. You'll "feel" higher due to oxygen deprivation. Whether or not you'll actually absorb more THC, probably. But in very marginal amounts.
  3. well, holding in smoke is bad in two different ways. firstly, it increases the tar that resinates on your lung and wat not.... secondly your body uses up the oxygen sucked in with the smoke and creates carbon dioxide the stuff you breathe out.... so when you hold in a hit for a long time your body uses the little oxygen you have allowed and once its all used up you start to kill brain cells and get ligt headed.... sooooo when you hold in the vapor for longer all that wil happen is youll get higher and if you start to get lightheaded your killing braincells because youve ran out of oxygen i think youll absorb more thc

  4. Smoke != Vapor

  5. false!

  6. How's it false that smoke doesn't equal vapor.

    There is tons of scientific evidence out now, that if you vaporize, there is no negative side effects, whatsoever.
  7. It doesn't kill brain cells because the thc molecules attach themselves to oxygen. When you smoke you are practically asphyxiating yourself. <Paraphrased version of someones explanation on another post that i can't find.

  8. smoke = smoke vapor = vapor i can assure you that if you burn something your creating smoke but if you vaporize something your creating vapor
  9. It cracks me up that people think its bad for us to hold our breath for a few extra seconds. Is swimming bad for us too? Come on. Hold in your vapor as long as you feel comfortable.
  10. ok so if you hold in a vapor hit for an extended period of time you wont get light headed if the thc molecules attatc themselves or not your still using the oxygen
  11. [quote name='"Nashty"']You'll "feel" higher due to oxygen deprivation. Whether or not you'll actually absorb more THC, probably. But in very marginal amounts.[/quote]

    You're not gonna get fucking oxygen deprivation for holding your breath for 4 or 5 seconds, everyone pulls the oxygen deprivation card, pretty big piece of mis information.

  12. No, oxygen deprivation occurs after 3 minutes+ of no oxygen to the brain.
  13. He said if he "held the hit longer". He didn't mention a time span. I've held hits for 30+ seconds and trust me, there's some oxygen deprivation going on there.
  14. You can get oxygen deprivation from standing up too fast....

    Not to an extreme degree but there's obviously a mechanism there where your brain is receiving less oxygen than is optimal.
  15. I hold all of my vapor hits for atleast 45 second. If you balance your oxygen levels before hitting it you'll be fine and just balance them out periodically when you feel a need to. If i rush then after a couple yes i get a little light headed.

    And i think he meant deprivation to the point of brain damage but i don't mean to put words in his mouth.
  16. well are you holding your breath to the point where you get light headed while your swimming because thats bad for you

  17. Orthostatic Hypotension, fast drop in blood pressure, delivers less oxygen to the brain since the pressure's decreased.

    Bit different than oxygen deprivation, there's no damage done to the brain during this, where as brain cells die during oxygen deprivation.

    The two are similar in that the brain is receiving less oxygen at one time, but that's it.
  18. I don't think it's bad to hold it in if it's vapor, I just don't bother to hold it in because I don't think it would get me any higher - which is why I asked lol. I just hold it in for 2 seconds and keep vaping/smoking etc because that's what I like to do :smoking:
  19. Semantics :p Fair enough lol
  20. yeah if your a smoke 30 seconds is gna be tough but if your a swimer 2 minutes will be tough

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