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Holding in smoke fallacy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Eclipse996, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hi, so recently iv noticed a lot of people being misinformed and trying to be Internet doctors. I work as a full time paramedic so I may be able to shed a little light on the situation.

    First and foremost the debate seems to be whether holding in your hit actually makes you more high. Most people say yes, while others claim that it doesn't and that it is actually caused by oxygen deprivation. I assure you, holding in your hit for 2-10 seconds in know way will cause hypoxia or hypoxemia. Oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) means inadequate supply of oxygen to a point where organs can not maintain themselves. I witness hypoxic patients daily and most of these patients are suffering from some form COPD, meaning they're body can't maintain the appropriate oxygen levels for the body to maintain itself.

    In a normal persons lung the body can maintain 1-2 minutes on one breath of air. So the thought that holding in your hit for 2-10 or even 20 seconds causes some form of oxygen deprivation is a complete fallacy. That "head rush" you are feeling is from when you exhale, releasing near all of your oxygen to remove the smoke from your lungs. I hope this rant helps clear things up and also helps to shed some light on the misuse of oxygen deprivation
  2. except for the fact that when you inhale smoke its not oxygen... :rolleyes:

    and THC is absorbed into your lungs within 7 seconds
  3. When you inhale there is a moderate amount of oxygen in your peace or even bong.. Whatever you smoke out of either way, when you inhale you are inhaling X amount of oxygen. Not just pure smoke.
  4. i hold in my smoke for about 5 seconds, no more and no less.
  5. Also sorry for any misspelled words. Did this off my phone.
  6. These people are trying to argue with a professional nothing new there next thigh you know they'll deny cannabis even when vaping has carcinogens 2 have been proven so far but I'm sure there is more.
  7. Glad you said that, people seem to forget this..

    I think people make too big of a deal about this whole subject. Just release the smoke when it feels like you need to take a breath, so simple
  8. It doesn't make you more high if you hold it in longer then 3-5 seconds though, which is what people argue about on here.
  9. Gravity bong.

    just playing devils advocate here
  10. You're still going to inhale some oxygen, the air you inhale helps push the smoke thru to your lungs
    I doubt its even possible to breathe in a foreign substance without also taking in oxygen

  11. Me too. Five seconds seems to be perfect.
  12. Either way it's dumb. Take a hit, hold it for a second, exhale. 95%+ of THC is absorbed in a second or two.
  13. Three seconds, here...

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