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Holding in Hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ontarios, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, I was just wondering what your personal opinion is on holding in your hits? I myself feel like you get much higher, although this could just be placebo and my mind playin tricks on me :rolleyes:. Some people say that your lungs absorb THC very quick, and holding in hits is pointless. Others, say otherwise. Thanks for everyone who took the time to read this and helped out. Cheers. :smoke:
  2. I do it every now and then I usually feel higher too but it just might be that I'm really fuckin high haha
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    I hold in my hits until my brain crisps up a bit. itll start peelin after a while.
  4. I hold every hit in. I feel like I don't get high if I don't.
  5. I think holding in the hits does get you higher. but also dont forget about coughing, cause like wiz khalifa says "if u aint coughing u aint smoking"
  6. After 4-6 seconds most of the THC is absorbed so it's kind of pointless to hold it for much longer. I hold each hit in for about 4 seconds.
  7. fuck what wiz says, if i need to cough i need to cough... im not gonna force it if it was a beautifully smooth hit.

    OP, ive heard a bunch of different shit on this subject. i personally hold in most hits, but not excessively,.. its not like im disappointed if i exhale smoke. usually i hold it in for like 3 full seconds minimum... couple seconds extra max.
  8. Apparently it's bad for your lungs to hold it that long (tar). 5 seconds does the trick.
  9. Holding in Your Hits Longer = Higher? - Forums

    Most articles I've read on the subject suggest it is not only more harmful to hold your hits in for more than 5 or so seconds, but it's actually useless. All the thc you're going to get is absorbed within about 5 seconds. After that, the only extra buzz you're getting is from depriving your brain of oxygen.
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    I usually hold bong and pipe rips for 5-6+ seconds, and less on blunts and stuff for obvious reasons.

  11. Same with me. When I'm stoned I usually forget to hold it in, or if I take too big of a hit I won't hold it in.

    I do feel like I waste weed when I don't hold it in though. (like, on the first burn of the day)
  12. When I smoke blunts I hold in all my hits, everything effects me differently.
  13. When I hold in my hits for a long time my head gets all hot and tingly, I love that feeling. :)
  14. Well, that's absolute bullshit.
  15. Fuck that coughing is what little bitches do
  16. Pretty sure THC near instantly goes into the blood stream and therefore holding it down simply puts more shit in your lungs?

    That's what I've been told anyway, I don't know if it's bollocks.
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    It's just a saying, people hate so much... If anyone but wiz said that no one would have said anything.
  18. I smoke some real dank Cali medical, I tend to hits for a second and with a high tolerance and after one bowl, I'm pretty high. This thread got me thinking though, I'm gonna hold in my hits tonight when I smoke and see if I notice a difference.

  19. That's the dumbest thing I've heard in my entire life.
  20. the more contact the THC has to the parts of your lung that absorb it then pass it on to your bloodstream = the higher your gonna get...

    so yeah, holding in your hits, will get you higher.. technically the longer you hold it until you can't possibly hold it longer which results in you coughing like crazy = the higher your gonna get.

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