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Holding in hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by J3553, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Back in the day, the rule was to hold smoke in as long as you can to absorb as much of it so that you're not exhaling/wasting the active ingredients(smoke).
    Now it seems that the perception has changed to, "No more than 5-7 seconds.  Most of the THC is absorbed in this time."  What I want to know is why?  Where is this study that everyone seems to be citing?  Also, what about the "hundreds" of other active ingredients in weed?  From what I understand, if you take in too much THC and not enough CBD you get a much more paranoid/unenjoyable high than when they're more "balanced."  So how long does it take to absorb CBD and other active ingredients?

  2. I've never noticed a difference between 3 and 5 seconds,or even 3 and 10 seconds. And I've experimented. Most active cannabinoids are almost immediately taken up by your lungs, holding it longer just damages them. You've seen the inside of a pipe after smoking a few bowls,imagine what your lungs look like? Don't hold that shit in. And chances are you use a lighter,well there are even more contaminates your holding in... Sent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. in the long term, its just not worth taking in the extra tar to ghost your hits every time. there is no study people are citing to my knowledge. i contend that holding in your hits longer does in fact allow you to absorb more cbd/thc, as well as giving a slight head rush depending on your fitness. i have yet to hear someone refute to any reasonable conclusion that holding in a hit longer is in fact for nothing. that said, it is very likely that past 3 seconds give or take produces a negligible difference.
  4. They used their logic and reasoning smoke tends to disappear after a few seconds of inhalation.And I also think it's based on the peoples supposed newborn awareness that smoke isn't good for your longs and your shouldn't hold it in as long as possibleThere's no "scientific" proof that I am aware of and shouldn't hinder any decision regardless smokes harmful
  5. All I know is that you HAVE to do this for vaping or you will actually waste stuff, not just burned plant matter.
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    Shit, I used to hold it for a minute or more just because I could. But science shows absorption is more efficient with smaller tokes and after a few seconds you are simply wasting your time. Plus packed lungs and coughing can actually cause lung expansion injuries and tearing/scarring. As for lack of oxygen to the brain? Wow....if I was worried about a few brain cells I probably wouldn't be drinking, using drugs and hanging out with you fuckers. Lol

    Fuck it, hold it till you fade.....

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