Holder Okd Search Warrant For Fox News Reporters Private Emails, Official Says

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  1. http://openchannel.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/23/18451142-holder-okd-search-warrant-for-fox-news-reporters-private-emails-official-says?lite
    Its a good thing the government is snooping on these journalists, the government snooping on the Associated Press and Fox sure makes me feel alot safer.  :rolleyes:

    You know in a weird way though it's kind of reassuring. Half the time it feels like the media and the government are in bed together but if they're investigating reporters and the like that means there are some people out there who are actually doing their jobs and looking to report the news and that gives me a little hope.
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    Which brings me to say: If you're a journalist and you're not getting accused of espionage by your own government, you're not doing your job right! Every other journalist better start doing his job :p

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