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  1. In any city, in any country, go to any library or bookstore you can get to. Go to the information desk and ask for the Holder of the River. The person should appear very uncomfortable, and ask you to come back another time. Your resolve should be firm, and you should demand to see the Holder of the River at once. The person behind the desk will apologize and lead you to the furthest bookcase back. They will take down volume after volume and hand them to you until all the shelves in the bookcase are empty. Should you drop a single book, your torment will be swift and unending.

    As soon as the shelf is empty, the person will turn a knob that you didn't notice before and open the bookcase as a door.

    Follow the person until the ground underfoot becomes cobbled stones and moss, then tell them to stop where they stand and return to their post. They will plead with you to permit them to accompany you, but this cannot be allowed.

    Walk forward with your eyes closed until you feel the warmth of the sun on your face. There will be a blind dog chained to a white boulder at the foot of a great mountain, its peak lost in the clouds. You are to unchain the dog and allow it to lead you up the mountain.

    At the summit, A deaf old man, a mute young woman, and an insane child sit in a circle. You are to ask the child "Where is mercy's throne?"
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  4. and your point is?
  5. That this is a pointless thread. If people wanted to read this, they could just visit one of the many boards that it's posted on every day.

    Does this board always have this much junk on it?
  7. Troll? I don't see any bridges or goats.
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  10. Heh, that's what happens when school's out, I suppose.

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