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Hold weed in, use up all THC, reducing chances of contact high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ittybitty, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So I was just wondering about if you could make it so someone else can't get high off of already used marijuana smoke. How much THC is taken out of the smoke when entering your lungs? I've been around people smoking and haven't gotten a contact high (they aren't as likely to happen as people think) What about if you shotgun someone, how much THC are they getting from that puff? Can you get high like that? Can you use up all the THC? I hope this makes sense!
  2. Contact highs rarely happen, unless your hot boxing I doubt anythings gonna happen.
  3. In order to shotgun properly, you can't inhale, otherwise you're absorbing most of the THC yourself rather than getting the other person high. lol
  4. On a shotgun u don't inhale and yes enough shotguns will get you high
  5. Doesnt realy make sense bro lol. but no holding weed in will not kill all the thc
    and to get high off second hand smoke is rare, you would probly need to smoke alot of weed and blow it right in there face in a small sealed room or in a car to get high.
    In my expereince standing next to someone whos smoking or being in the same room will not nessicarly get u baked.
    And when i blow shotguns i dont inhale the weed first just take the puff but hold it in your mouth and blow it in there mouth,witch i usualy do with my girl of

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