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Discussion in 'General' started by Pass the dr0, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. My right ear bud just stopped working.. No sound...

    They're these black sonys from bestbuy that were like $30, I got them around Christmas and have use them almost every day since then and now one just stopped working... Anybody know if you can fix it?
  2. I read it as your right ear stopped working. :smoking:

  3. his work stopped right earring
  4. Nope it shorted out.

    That's the problem with cheap buds. They purposely make the cords weak, so it's easy to get a short. They usually occur where the cord meets the actual earbud
  5. right here, stop working.
  6. i used to have some hearbuds that would like static shock the inside of ur ear randomly. it could be worse ^^
  7. Well fuck, these were pretty good earbuds, base was loud and clear and they fit pretty good.

  8. brb putting them on and taking a bath for adrenaline rush/suicide

  9. I have to say, people who make headphones and earbuds must be reeling in the cash.. earbuds never really last long, except if their super high quality like skullcandy and even then the damn things break..

  10. Me too haha
  11. Sennheiser headphones. Classy, elegant, crisp. All around quality sound

    ^and to the guy above, skullcandy is not even close to being a (for lack of a better word) well made product.

  12. Found your problem

  13. Yeah I figured as much.. fucking overpriced ripoffs is what they are. I bought a pair for 55 euros and they broke within 6 months-a year..:(
  14. The part that connects to the phone/zune/ipod always bends and breaks a connection in ear buds for some reason. Causing one side to not work.

    Thats why I rock Reloop RHP-10s.

    But they are DJ headphones, not ear buds.

  15. How much were they?
  16. [quote name='"Pass the dr0"']

    How much were they?[/quote]

    $70-80 on ebay I believe. Plus they are warrantied for a while.
  17. They were $30. Just replace them.

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