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  1. Hellllo, I'm new here. I'm an 18 year old female from Pennsylvania. So hey!
  2. Hey welcome, I'm new also.. What strain u smoke?
  3. Ha, everything. I think Trainwreck may be my favorite, though . How about yourself?
  4. I'm trying alot purple lately like grandaddy, grape ape, blackberry something, and so far grape ape is my favorite.
  5. That's word :) purple stuff is completely wonderful, but to be honest, I've never tried grape ape.
  6. Once you try purple is hard not to smoke it, it tastes so good and looks wonderful.. I tAke grape ape over grandaddy any day! Now I was thinking trying some mango strain
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    Mango is pretty good, actually. I haven't had any of that in a while.

    Thank you :)

  8. Trainwreck is my favorite, too. I combined that with the second quote with some purple trainwreck this weekend.:smoke:
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    That sounds heavenly. I can only imagine how great you must have felt :)

  10. haha, i was pretty fucking high, it was awesome! I didnt even know there was such a thing called purple trainwreck until after I smoked it. After a few hits, I asked my friend what it was. I have heard of trainwreck and I knew of that (and I love it), but not purple trainwreck
  11. Welcome :smoke:

    *passes the j*
  12. welcome to the city!
  13. Welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    May I invite all of you to click that first link in my sig and learn more about our wonderful herb! It really is amazing stuff and good for a LOT more than "just" getting high! :smoking:

    Educate yourself! :yay:

    Granny :wave:
  14. Today had some platinum Kush or bubba.. Very light and mellow high with alot of muscle tingling at the beginning.. Couldn't even feel my legs
  15. That sounds awesome, I've never tried that.
  16. U should.. Today tried some old school jack ( which is sativa) and I enjoyed well, head high, relaxing but not stupid
  17. I enjoy really ridiculous head highs, honestly. That seems word.
  18. Got mango today.. I'm totally high right now.. Feels Sokol damn good and the taste is just fruits... Luv it

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