Hola From Uniontown, PA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Homegrown32990, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. What's going everyone. toke up!
  2. Not too much just waiting for the heat to die down about 50 miles North of you. :wave:

    Do you guys have head shops down there or do you go down to Morgantown, WV?
  3. What's up?

    Welcome to GC! I see you have already gotten around to posting, cool beans.

  4. Yea, there is a place called Tobacco City. But if you want anything on the lines of a copper dripped shower head, you're in the right place lol
  5. Yeah we have a few places in the city up here but I still go down to high street in Morgantown. Plus its a nice place for a date or a day out. All the local shops have cool stuff. The only problem is the town smells like shit sometimes around the food shops, but it is WV.
  6. Yea you have a verygood point. Im just the kind of person who tokes with the girls\ grow. ya know!
  7. Brand new to Morgantown and eager to meet cool people, hang out, network, and just chill out and have a good time. But I know of nobody outside of work, and at work they're all dorks. Anybody out there who wants a new friend? All help would be appreciated. :)

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