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  1. I am going to finish my attic extend it 6ft in the air.
    There is a Small room up there I plan to put a grow box in there. 5'6" tall 4'5" wide 4'2" length This is a rough estimate but it will do... I plan on growing 2 or 3 plants in there with a 400 watt hps and probably adding to an additional 400watt hps if the first grow goes planned or good enough i wont bother.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. i would se a few 400s in that big of a space, even a 1000 is just enough;)
  3. i think a 1000w is a bit big 4 that kinda space, a 600w wud b nice but a 400w wud do a good job.

    watch out 4 heat problems. to hot in the summer and to cold in the winter. also any light leaks outta ur roof r gonna stick out like a sore thumb so seal it well but make sure u can vent it well aswell.

    have a look through the seed bank forum to find wot seeds wud make good and easy plants 4 a 1st grow.
    good luck with the grow.
  4. Hippie John - Iagee with barnaby on the 1000W might be too much

    barnabwylde - The attic would be like any room throughout the house there won't be any problems with Ventelation or Lightining, There coldbe a problem with temperature.

    I will probably Get some Bubble Gum seeds and aother strain that brings a smooth clear high and is comfortable to smoke. Taste Smell Feel High you know...
  5. hell no, 1000w works great in 16sq ft. and you have more than that. since its in the attic just make sure it has an air cooled hood for the summer;) and route the intake through a dryer hose or something to get in cool fresh air. i grow in the attic also. right now i'm begining construction on a 2' x 2' x 4' high box that might even have a 600 in it, with CO2 injection. i'm designing a new air cooled hood design that as test show *digs around in some papers, works abacus* will really boost growth and stay cool. i might make a few hoods, like one with a 600, antoher with a 400, and another with dual 150s.

    whatever you choose, just dont use a single 400 in that big of space. you have tons of room, dont fill it with loose buds because of poor light!

    happy building:)
  6. My attic when everything is Finished Will be air conditioned and Heated. So i wont have to worry about Cold or hot. And ventelation wont be a problem I will have 2 air out spots... diamater of 4" Lighting remains a problem.
    I'll have to buy the light(s) and wait for my next pay to get the seeds. that is if i get a High wattage than 400. 600 seems like a good idea...
    Hippie John - How many plants are you planning on fitting in that 2'x2'x4' ?? I could probably fit more than 3 plants in my area. what do you think ?
  7. Oh Btw, Im going to be LSTing (Low Stress Training) My plants. So that could limit space just a little
  8. hippie john
    r u on drugs or wot? a 400w lights a 4'x4' space a treat. 600w wud give u taller plants but a 1000w is just a waste of electric.

    a 400wHPS has 45000lumen output in a 4x4 room that gives 2812.5lumen per sq ft. if u cant grow gud, fat, tight buds with that then u shudnt b trying to grow never mind trying to give ppl advice.

    a 1000w in a small space like that cud light stress ur plants and do more harm than good.

    i hate to go off on 1 about this but at the end of the day john ur wrong.

    iv heard good things about bubblegum, sidious is growing some of them at the mo and doing a jurnal about it in the grow jurnal 4m. mite b worth a look.

    have u thought of northen lights X Haze as ur 2nd plant? it wud finish just after the BG so u cud move it right under the light 4 the last week or so and u wudnt have to harvest all the plants at the same time. and its gr8 to smoke, that haze really shows through.
  9. A little COnfusion but im starting to understand, Heh I'll just get a 600 W Light, I was looking at Lights on Bestgrowlights.com and seen a Light with Blue Light and Red/Orange light for all stages of life with a flick of different buttons... It was in 1000 watt tho.. so im not sure.

    *barnaby_wylde - Thanks, Northern Lights Sounds good, I'll probably Get some of that..

    Anyone know the URL to Heaven's Stairway ... I cant seem to get to the site.
  10. NLxHaze is the 1, nice plant to grow and good smoke.

    the light ur onabout is a switcable balast. it has a HPS and a MH lamp. u dont need it, a 600w wud b the bollox in ur room. u cud order ur light with a growlux or argo lamp in it, they give extra blue, unneeded if u have the 600 but wud fine tune a 400w nice.
  11. IndianaToker - Thanks for the URL ..... I also live in Indiana.
    barnaby_wylde - Thanks a crap load you been a big help.
    I'll go with a regular 600W HPS.. Once again thanks.

    I'll be posting a Grow Journal once i get my 2nd floor all finished get a digi camera and all the shiznit I need to Build my box/ grow my trees :-D

    Thanks all and be watching in the summer time for my Journal!
  12. How does Heaven's Stairway Package your order? Envelope box Obvious or discreet?!

  13. No problem... It's a small world man... :D

  14. u aint jokin, iv got a uncle in indiana.

    i think u will b happy with ur light, get a good reflector with it and it will last u a life time. and u can grow some dam fine trees with a 600. dont cost the earth to run either.

    just 1 last tip. a 400w lamp will fit in the same fitting as a 600 but needs a difrant balast. if ur gonna grow trees and spend a long time vegging then think about getting a 400w balast to veg with then hit them with athe big guns come flowering time. a 600w costs 50% more to run than a 400w and u wont need all that light till flowering. most balasts just have a simple "kettle" plug to conect them so swapping them over is simple.

    i'll keep an eye out 4 ur thread, cant wait to c it, thats if i aint bin banned 4 slaggin off the mods by then. :)
  15. Truly is a small World :-D

    I dont plan on growing and 14' tall plants (haha) but i do plan on growing some decent plants. maybe big enough to get 1-3 oz's off each plant.

    Thanks Guys !
  16. I have a problem in the $$ department.. I dont make much $$$and a little over half of my monthly pay goes towards my freaking car.. so if the 600watt costs 50% more than a 400 watt i might have a problem... Everywhich way i go there will be problems

    I'll figure it all out. Until then I got more reading to do.
  17. a 600w will only b a little bit more than a 400w.

    if ur that strapped 4 cash then get an indrustral light like a lowbay or a highbay that they use 4 lighting warehouses. a highbay u can hang as is, there like "poot" lights with a reflector built onto the balast and look like this http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_In...Lighting_Commercial_Index/High_Bay/index.html or this http://www.growell.co.uk/p/1069/Dutch_Poot_Light.html or u can get a lowbay like this http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?id=10570&ts=88232 and either hang it as it is or buy a reflector on its own and wire it up2 the ballast in the box on this type of light. if u can find the lowbays cheap enough u can buy and convert them at half the cost of buying a "growlight" and they work just as well.

    what ever problems u do have dont let money b 1 of them. if u can buy it then u can build it and save a hell of a lot of cash!

  18. of coarse i am, and a 1000w light is ideal for 25 - 50 square feet. and a 400 is ideal for 8 - 20. but i have heard of people using a 1000 HPS in a 4' x 4' closet.
  19. Buying the shit wouldn't be the problem But i pay rent, Not bills... Might piss someone off haha... and be a little suspicious?

    I dont remember if i asked this ButHell here we go again

    I want a 2nd type of seed.

    *Tastes sweet
    *Smokes Smooth
    *Clear high, Not stupid high... you can remember things and not in a couch lock. I want to be up doing shit being giggly as crap and seeing things but when Doing like Homework or taking a Test i dont want to be stupid.
    *Grow decent hight with good yeild.

    Thanks for you help wylde you been great!

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