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HoKuSPoKuS420 First Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by HoKuSPoKuS420, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Alright to start off I've been reading up for a while now, Decided it was my turn. I have a Box that I made out of a OLD chest. It's 48lX12hx15w I have a 20 watt Flouro in there for Vegetation until I can get some CFL's or a 70W HPS what ever comes first. Ok, I Don't Have a Camera so I don't have Pictures, I am in day 16 Vegetation from Sprout, i have 4 Leaf sites and growig new ons every other day. one of my plants go real tall and iI re Buried it up to it's fist leaves now a few days later all the leaves are Lightening and some curling under. Even new growt is doing this. Um, I read around and figured it was

    Over Watering or
    Light Burn or
    Nutrient Burn

    I think it's the fact im Over watering, I water every other day probably Half a cup. But I do the same to the other plant and it's still forest green.
    Anyone know? I'll try to get a camera from a budd.
  2. so where's the pics?......and whats been happening?.....Peace out......Sid
  3. *taps on monitor* hey you in there get a cheap little cam from walmart and let us know whats going on =)

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