Hockey Rivalry- Penguins Vs. Flyers

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by thedon420, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. The Flyers are a Dirty team, and their colors and alternate jerseys are UGLY AS SHIT, the only time I'd buy anything Flyers related if I needed to wipe my ass in the Mollon (soon to be Consol energy center). You know who I stand for, but unfortunately the Penguins are playing like shit now, but they'll turn it around.
    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't like this. There will be trouble in this thread. Go F L Y E R S ! !
  3. I made this thread to keep the trouble out of the main hockey thread.
    either way, SHIT WILL GO DOWN

    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. where's my back-up?????

    Damn fair-weather fans
  5. Looks like my Flyers got all the backing here. Hope you don't keep runnin your mouth for a terrible team.
  6. Fuck that I support every team from beloved Pitts. So hell yeah go PENS!!!
  7. I like watching the pens more
  8. now thats what I'm talking about, now who's ready to watch Philly get bitch slapped on saturday?
  9. I can't wait for Mikey Rich to put another 5 points up on your shit team!
  10. Biron's going to get raped, even if they start Niittymaki
  11. Pens all the way
    Malkin aka beast, need i say more.
  12. Yes you do matt, cuz as you can see from the standings 2 amazing players cannot carry a team. I kno that Crosby and Malken are in the top 3 in the league, its kinda unfair that players of their caliber are allowed on the same team. But if you have a lot of really good players like the Flyers, (Mike, Jeff, Gagne, Hartnell, Lupul, Upshall, Basically their top 3 lines) and you have good chemistry, you get a good team. And I didn't even include Danny Briere who, if he stays healthy, is like trading for an all-star since he really hasn't played this season. O yea one more thing......Were gunna be in the PLAYOFFS, are you?

  13. Yes Im a devils fan.
  14. We're 2 points out, and just bitch slapped Philly, we're coming back, and it's pathetic that a team out of the playoffs is 4-1 on you for the season, not to mention that sweep a few years ago
  15. Just cuz Biron is the worst goalie in the league is the only reason you won, we came back from 3-1 to tie it, can't be talkin much shit, yr still not going to the dance!
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    4 points out with 24 games isn't a big deal, since 3 of those are against a team ahead of the Pens, and with the way the Rangers are blowing, we're set. z-dubb, If the Pens don't make the playoffs, I'll be your GC hockey bitch for the off season, and if Philly gets eliminated first, same goes for you.
    if both make the plaoffs and the Pens go out first (unlikely) Draw

    the winner of this bet can PM, the loser to post whatever the winner wants, the loser to say, related to hockey, in whatever thread the winner chooses.

  17. Deal, get ready to praise the flyers lol
  18. Fuck the Flyers, just try not to cry when I make you post about how big a douche Gagne is, and how the Flyers got raped in the '09 playoffs lol
  19. That goalie is PRICELESS.
  20. who biron? and by priceless you mean we'd give him for free, then you'd be correct sir.

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