Hockey Anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by nikidog11, May 1, 2003.


Hockey Anyone

  1. Hockey Rules!

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  2. Ya I guess its ok

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  3. Bunch of guys chasing a frozen piece of rubber and beating each other up I dont get it?

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  1. That playoff thread got me thinking, how many of you out there are puck heads?

    If so whos your team.

    Me the Redwings
    (yes I know, but they did win the cup last year!)

    Go Wings!
  2. stars but wtf happened this series

    go ottawa
  3. i dont follow hockey at all.. but i am rooting for ottawa... go senators... don't really know why... hehe... oh well
  4. hockey is o.k. i dont really like it though, i meen i dont hate it, but i dont watch or play it!
  5. I HATE HOCKEY!!!!

    My team is the Wild

  6. Got to root for the home team....

    GO SEN'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing better than a beer, a joint and hockey....
  7. ya we all love hockey here in canada i woulden't doubt if us canaidians had a chance to change our flag from the maple leaf to a hocky puk we would lol if i had it my way the maple leaf would be a pot leaf and there would bbe 2 lil hocky puks under the pot leaf that my dream flag lol but yeah hockeys great to watch but i dont play usta tho
  8. aw talkin bout watching some good hard hitting! love watching hockey!!!

    you know it
    2-2 tonight...
  9. Hockey is basically full contact golf with a bigger goal, so yeah
    it's alright, but I don't really watch it or anything. I've been to
    two games in my life. Both with a friend who loves it.
  10. man hockey is the fastest contact sport there is, so much more fun to play and watch than any other of the 'big' sports

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