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  1. Besides smoking and video games, I don't have any... And most people I don't want them to know I'm into gaming... So what are your hobbies blades? Maybe I'll see something interesting to pick up :)
  2. boooooooty bbboooooootay
  3. skateboarding, wake boarding, tennis, traveling, hiking, butt sex, kayaking, etc etc.
    wait, what?
  4. Travelings a hobby?
  5. yessir.
    look up the definition of hobby if you dont believe me ;)
  6. Art-making, spending time with my dog, cleaning, video gaming....
    What the hell is wrong with letting people know you game?
  7. Guys- sure. Chicks- think it's geeky
  8. I like to fish a lot. It can be expensive but its worth it when u get a 20 lb yellowtail on your line. I also like veggie gardening and medical gardening. When Im bored I play modern warfare 2 or reg modern warfare. I played wow for like 5 years but recently stopped paying for it. (been a year since i played lol)
  9. I collect Italian switchblades among other things.
  10. paintball!!
  11. I have none other then weed and video games. Maybe basketball but I haven't played for a while. I like to paintball but thats not a hobby.. .yeah I have no hobbies other then weed and videos rofl.
  12. I played WoW for like 3 years... So addicting... The combination of story, graphics, and customizability just makes it epic...
  13. I wish I could paintball as a hobby. It's so fucking expensive though...
  14. Beat yo meet
  15. skateboarding/longboarding, guitar, music, thats it lol
  16. Sims 3. I'm addicted.
    I got really excited last night, coz my sim had a baby boy (named him Declan James, he was born with an artisic trait)
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  17. I was addicted to the Sims 3 for a while there. I got into movie making (machinema). It was soooo much fun!
  18. Food, travel, photography, and my Vespa :)
  19. Smoking, guitar, music, spending time with my cat who is a complete badass.

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