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  1. Anyone live in an hoa that isn't oppressive and idealistic and doest harass it's residents?

    Im so fed up with hoa's that I'm boycotting them.

    In my experience hoa's are there for no other purpose than to take away the rights the government wasn't supposed to give you. They basically abuse the shit out of your contract and you have no rights because you have to sign a contract to live there only under the hoa conditions.

    Hoa's shouldn't even be legal
  2. then one day when you live in a neighbor hood and one guy paints his house puke fucking green and digs a giant hole and fills it with water and calls it a "pool" and it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and you get west nile, you will understand WHY they exist (happened in my old old neighbor hood, and after, they enacted the HOA so he was forced to stop his shenanagins but that was for our benefit, most HOA's are power drunk lol), but i agree, some of the extort the fuck out of the power they are given (im studying to get my brokers license in Colorado so i know how the game goes lol)
  3. are these rentals or owned homes?
  4. when i bought my house one of my explicit instructions to the real estate agent was "no fucking HOA's"

    if i want to paint my house "puke green" and my neighbors don't like it they can fuck off, same with the hole called a swimming pool....in fact the general policy for my interactions with my neighbors is: they can all fuck off. i can't wait till i can move out of the shit hole called suburbia and get a larger piece of property in unincorporated county and build an 8 foot fence with razor wire that has a sign on the gate that says "fuck off, trespassers will be composted"
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    The house color didn't bother me what so ever haha, do as you please. But when 15 people in a neighborhood with a newly dug out "pool" all get west nile and the department of health is called in to figure out why and there is a breeding pool of mosquitos in said "pool" and your one of the people with west nile you could understand why that shit shouldn't be allowed haha. If it didn't affect others no issue, but it almost killed 2 of the older people and it was a risk.

    And at AW they were owned homes, this was my parents house when I was like 15 haha. Missed 2 months of school for that guys pool mistake.

    Also just because there is no hoa doesn't mean there aren't development covenants preventing a lot of shit still. That's at the developers choice depending on the state/neighborhood
  6. HOA stands for home OWNERS Association.
    So I assume owners.

    In my grandparents community the HOA is used by the pres, vice pres, and council members as their personal piggy banks. They expanded the clubhouse and put in all sorts of shit people 65+ don't need. like a coffee bar.
    Anyway, they vote amongst themselves so there's really no stopping them. Then, when they were running out of money last year they canceled the primo cable and got some off brand local provider so now they pay the same amount for about 50 channels. Lets see...what else did they do...There was an incident where a pipe burst on someones property because there was contruction going on that had been approved by the HOA, but they wouldn't pay to get it fixed. So there was a massive lawsuit and i think they ended up settling. Anyway, thats my experience with HOAs, all second hand. I dont think my neighborhood has one, not one ive run into anyway.
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    Na they have HOA's on rentals too, someone owns them lol. My office is part of a few rental HOA's cause we own the units but people rent um
  8. well then...guess im wrong.
  9. well.. the pool thing sounds like more of a local health department issue... then a home owners assoc.
    there are plenty of health ways to add a pond to your yard... doesn't have to be nasty stagnant water.

    :eek: good point :p

    yeah around here, they have these condo associations.. whether you rent or own they have strict as fuck rules... i wasn't sure if he meant one of those deals or not.

    but man if it's a private home, that's crazy.. that's why there are police and health departments. If he's spreading disease, then a "hoa" should have nothing to do with it
  10. wanted to make sure u saw i was wrong about that
  11. Me and my buddy rent a house that isn't in a HOA area, but when I was with my parents, we were in an HOA. They yelled at my dad for getting rid of an ugly-ass bush in the front yard. I don't see how making small improvements to the front yard warrants permission but I guess it does. He had to get two signatures from neighbors. They also yelled at my dad for parking his van in the street in front of the house. But he did not give a fuck and they never yelled at us for it again.
  12. yea, the reason the built an HOA rather than filing a suit to have him remove it was because creating an HOA is quick business and the rules are instantly in effect and he was forced to remove it or pay a hefty ass fine and the dept of heath and whatever it was didnt have to spend a penny lol.... but yea that was just them being cheap

    Yea thats the kinda shit that shouldnt be allowed, there should be HOA's to prevent really ridiculous shit... removal of plants shouldnt even be touched....
  13. HOA's are a good example of a self serving, self regulating, self policing, ruling entity that answers only to those that run the entity...(sounds like DC huh...):devious:

    they exploit the letter of the law and ignore the intent of the law (and change the law if required to move their agenda forward):eek:

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