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Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. [​IMG]
    Merry Chrismas, and a Happy New Year to ALL the Blades and Bladies at the CITY!!!!!!

    Miss Ya'll

    Love, Luck, and Big Ole' Buds to all!!!!!1

  2. Hey Cowboy!!!!

    I hope you and yours have Happy Holidays as well.. its good to see you run through evn if it is for jjust a minute...

    We miss you to bud.. Hope to see you soon!!!!!!
  3. Now that I found out the library is staying open later, I'll try to come "HOME" more often!!
  4. Happy Holidays Cowboy!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying HO HO HO!!!!! We really miss you :D
  5. We'd all like to see more of ya!!!!!
  6. Glad to see ya!! Hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas!! Come back when you can't stay so long, dammit!!!

    I don't know about BH but I'd like to see you MORE OFTEN - I'd watch BH if I was you!! LOL!!
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Happy holidays good buddy.As ya know we all miss ya ..Sending heaps of blade karma to you and poohgaitor and the not so young ,young bloke.[he,s gotta be getting to be a young man ??]

    p.s l just had to add a few smilies to your post ,lol.

  8. lol... you would catch that wouldn't ya. LOL

    I can't even make a mistake around here at all!!!
  9. LOL!! I love you BH!! I couldn't pass that one up!!

  10. I love you too Stonie... Keep me in line darlin..
  11. COWBOY!!!!!!!!! :wave:

    Good to see you again my friend! Wishing a very happy holidays to you and yours as well. We miss ya heaps around here, so try to stop by again real soon. :D:D
  12. I cant believe I've been working on my Christmas cards already and Christmas is still a week away! (it is isn't it?) Had to stop an light another to keep on keeping on so I thought I'd say


    to all of you here in the City!!

    Antique Stoner

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